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  1. Hi, Can someone explain why B747 is queen not king? :) Cezary Niedziński
  2. Thx Dan for reply,Do you do this even in the cruise phase? In the most cases, the FMS keeps data after loading a saved flight, but sometimes there is a problem...r.czarek niedzinski
  3. Hi Guys,Sometimes, after loading a saved flights, there is no FMS data, i.e. flight plan (747X, MD11), even after loading corresponding panel state. Do you have such issues and how to resolve it?R.czarek niedzinski
  4. cniedzi


    Thx brother :)Czarek
  5. Hi,Could you explain the benefits of the use of FSUIPC with FSX & B747-400X?I own Saitek joystick and I plan to buy Saitek Yoke Pro System. Do I have to use FSUIPC?RegardsCzarek
  6. Thx Liam for your help.RegardsCzarek
  7. Hi,I have got 2 questions concerning PMDG 747X flying.1. Lets assume I have flown all flightplan with FMC and I have not landed on destination airport and I did not do the mis. approach. The FMC says the route has finished. I would like then to fly to any other airport and to choose specific arrival procedure. I was trying on my own, but the FMC was still saying "PROGRAM ERROR". What I have to do?2. How can I find out about active arrival runway on destination airport, suitably early to have a chance to set FMC with right arrival procedure. In default FSX allows me to find out about 20-30 nm from airport tower, but I thing it is to late for me.RegardsCzarek
  8. Hi,is it possible to run a 737NG for FS9 on FSX (WinXP)?RegardsCzarek
  9. Hi William,Thx for your help...it DOES work perfectly :)RegardsCzarek
  10. Hi,I have got a very little issue with my B747-400X on XP. In exterior view the Boeing's nose landing gear does not move when turning in taxi phase (but a rudder plain move). Advanced animations option is on.RegardsCzarek
  11. Hi,I did not find an answer to my issue concerning 747-400X flight plans supplied with this product in ..PMDGFlightplans directory.There are two types of files: *.rte and *.rt2. While *.rte works fine the many of *.rt2 contain data I'm affraid do not exist in real world. For example when I load a such plan into FMS as a co-route I find a message telling there are some RWy numbers loading problems (I have checked that these rwys do not exist). Whats wrong man?RegardsCZ.
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