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  1. Hi It would be fantastic if you could do the ICE also. A fantastic livery! Thanks Bob
  2. HiG-BGDG is a 737-200 not a 600Bob BA Landor 737-600 was a 737-200 in real life?Bob
  3. MarceloAll you work is fantastic and I am grateful for that. My remark is not a criticism. It is I like to see repaints of NG 600,700,800,900. As these are the versions by PMDG.RegardsBob
  4. BMIBABY G-VBKB B737-600 is a 500 in real life.Bob
  5. Hi Marcello Well done with your excellent repaints. Is it possible to add the crest to the front of the fusalage on D-AXLG?:- Thanks Bob
  6. Hi Badderjet I admire you for taking the time and patience to do D-ATUE. I am really looking forward ti it. Regards Bob
  7. Hi Kiwikat I know it will not be easy but well done on taking it on. It will look fantastic. Many thanks Bob
  8. Hi Could some one kindly produce this TUIfly (DB Air One) for me please. http://www.planespot....show?id=203886 I would be most grateful Thanks Bob
  9. VinThanks for your reply.I have yet to purchase as I have been trying to get my discount since the 400X release.RegardsBob
  10. HiI have bought every product released and have been totally pleased.However, I have to say I have recently been far from pleased with the 'contact' service. Since the release of the new FSX 747, I have tried 4 times to contact PMDG by the contact system regarding my customer discount but have received no replies. PMDG sent me a standard e-mail recently to advise me that the customer discount was finishing. I again used the method of contact to make ask how do I get my discount but again, have not recieved a reply. Because of this poor service, have I now lost my discount to buy the FSX model?Thanks for any assistanceBob
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