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  1. Hey Andy, great helpdesk job B) Just coming in here and problem is already solved. There is one entry which it might be better to remove (better safe than sorry): @Kaboki Remove the part marked orange below from the panel.cfg test that Andy has posted. //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window09] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=433,443 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=783 window_size= 0.112, 0.150 window_pos= 0.630, 0.680 zorder=0 gauge00=C1855!vor1, 0,0,433,443 size_mm=180,300 position=0 visible=0 ident=15501 // Displays status for engine 1. Beware: Other engines may be less healthy and fail before engine 1! // With Automixture Control Panel gauge00=RealEngine_v14!RE0_StatusPanel_v14, 0, 0, 180, 300 gauge01=RealEngine_v14!RE0_AutoMixtureControlPanel_v14, 83, 172, 67, 10 //-------------------------------------------------------- Let us know if you still have problems. @Andy, > Do you have any plans on extending the functionality with additional models? E.g. extensive stress to the wings ... ;-) For the time being I have only very limited to no plans with RE, and no work ongoing. The one point I'd still really like to fix is to find a better way to display the RE CHT-model's CHT value into the aircraft's CHT gauge. Currently the pretty complex procedure of editing the plane's' CHT or Oil T gauge to display the CHT/Oil T value modeled by RE's CHT model in the aircraft's gauge is not satisfactory. I'm looking for anybody who wouild be willing to write me a C gauge that allows to directly overwrite FS's internal CHT value with the value calculated by the RE CHT model. The required C/Simconnect/FSUIPC modeling is beyond my skills. Additional modules are certainly possible, but they would have to make sense, ie they must allow either to add a new feature that currently does not exist in FS, or allow to render an FS feature more realistic. The "more realistic" part is the difficulty. Just for illustration, in the cited example (stress to wings leading to failure, which is an interresting feture) an user or I during RE development would need to find data/information/estimation under what loads the wing collapses/gets damaged to configure such an RE module in a realistic way. Unfortunately very little real-world test data exists about this, pilots being rather shy to test it out, and most of those who have are unfortunately not with us any more to tell about their experience. So I don't see how to make such a module more realistic than the overstress limlitation that FS already has. This is the issue with a lot of effects one could consider. So I have no real plans for major additions/modifications to RE for the time being.
  2. Hi, Alan made me aware of this discussion (thanks), so I thought to drop in to offer any help if needed. While i believe setting up RE has become much easier compared to earlier versions, there still can be some stumbling blocks. But you're managing fine as far as I can see. Just a small note: > For the Duke, Oil Temp works fine, CHT not, but I don't want to mess with it. That's a good plan. RE is not intended to necessarily be flown with every option turned on. Just turn off any module you dont like in the status panel. It'll remember such settings from flight to flight. If there's any issue or question just holler here, or send me a PM at flightsim. BR.
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