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  1. >As for treatment-I am curious.>>The offending original thread was removed when it was pointed>out that it violated the rules-and you seem to be in agreement>with enforcing clearly stated rules.>>The op in this thread asked a good question which I and others>mods replied to with politeness.>>The next post I see is from JayKae. I will not requote his>comments as they are above to read, but second rate treatment>seems to manifest here.>>Now personally-when someone does violate a clearly stated rule>a I'm sorry usually goes a lot further than the rant that was>contained in this post. You're right I do agree with upholding the rules. My point, which you seem to be missing here is in how these rules are enforced. The treatment I refer is best explained by the following:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...d=437379&page=2"Jay, do that again and you will be banned from these forums. If you have an issue with that, then send me an email and I will spell it out for you."Fair enough, if Jay was to continue to post what moderators would consider to be "blatant advertising" then in the first sentence he was clearly informed of the consequences. What I believe is not required is the second sentence, that is plain arrogant. Furthermore the thread was locked, meaning there would be no chance for him should he wish to apologise for the situation. He's left without defense or opportunity for reconciliation.Then above..."There was a thread made by someone with a history of breaking the rule"Not only has he not had the opportunity to defend himself but now another one of the administrators are having a go. Anyone care to elaborate on that "history" of breaking the rules? Jay seems to have pointed out that the "history" relates to a single incident that was indeed "handled behind the scenes". Not publicly here in your forums.I don't know... it's all well and good to enforce rules, but it seems to me that certain members of the moderation staff need to concentrate more on these rules than on discrediting the people they are enforcing them on.Anyhow, I'm done. My first few posts at AVSIM have become my last.
  2. >You're probably right. >>The admin team should definitely just smile and ignore it and>not get upset when someone basically calls us fascists on our>own forum because we followed our own rules.>>And since you brought up, I was going to get a piece of gum>from 7-11 in a few minutes. Since it's pretty cheap, you>wouldn't mind paying for it, right? And, of course, you know>that old rule from school, if one person gets gum, you have to>have enough for everyone else, so while you're out, could you>pick up a piece for the other 44,000 members of this forum? >Sticks of gum are cheap these days, so you shouldn't mind>covering everyone.Once again, like I said, it's one thing to uphold rules. I am more pointing out the tone and choice of words when I highlight arrogance in this instance.No problem, plenty of pieces of gum for everyone at other sites where people wont be treated as second rate citizens.
  3. Like I said, it's one thing to uphold rules. I am more pointing out the tone and choice of words when I highlight arrogance in this instance.
  4. Wow, I'll be honest and my post count will tell anyone that I don't hang out here very much. But I am absolutely astounded by the arrogance and absolute high an mighty behaviour displayed by Tom Allensworth and his forum administration team. I mean I had heard the stories and read numerous articles and post on other forums (not only VOZ or Orbx) about how some gracious contributors to FS development have been treated by AVSIM but I had never seen it first hand. Now I have, I've had a chance to see it in action and to tell you all the truth, I am disgusted.It's one thing to uphold rules, it's another to be arrogant sods. Definitely looks like being one of the top flightsim websites for so long has really gone to the heads of those high up in the administration team. It is a sad thing to see what power does to some people. And all this talk about bandwidth being used up on forum posts... give us a break, how cheap is bandwidth these days?
  5. >Hey guys check out this new product, absolutely fantastic!!>Will be released soon. Avsim management doesn't seem to like>it but the screen shots look absolutely stunning!!>>http://fullterrain.com/Yes no doubt about it this one is definitely looking like a ground breaking product. It is set for release on the 5th of March and it's just the first piece of a puzzle that will span the entire globe. The Australian fs scene is really shining these days and the team from Orbx seem to be leading the charge!Obviously there is an interest in this product Mr Allensworth! But tell us... are you convinced enough to allow this thread to survive?Maybe some of the contributors to the last thread that was deleted could again provide their non "blatant" and impartial thoughts on this great project.
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