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  1. *******,The legendary teachings are true. You have come forth to show us our way into the light!I have applied many of your recommendations and have nothing but good news. My system has never been so stable and smooth, like a warm knife through butter.Currently running an i7 920 @ 4GHZ, 6gb low latency ram, ATI 5870 1GB, P6TV2 motherboard. I have used the high mem fix, stale buffer threshold, max texture data and texture max load i think. No buffer pool yet but I will try that tomorrow. I thought I'd share something that shows the gratification of now being able to really use FSX to its max.No title as of yet, and unfinished, this details some of the life of ******* and the legend he has spread through-out. Enjoy! In the beginning there were naysayers, non believers of the power of *******. One particular night while traversing the perils of the AVSIM forum that, ******* took out his hand , to type about his findings of Flight Sim X. Reading one post made him think that he could help the lad with his CTD's. As time grew, word of ******* spread to the four courners of the web, as news of his magical skills grew. Flocks of simmers would flood to the forum every hour to see of any more updates. Whispers of high memory fixes and bufferpools as low as 0 wondered the community. Those brave enough stepped forward, to apply his teachings as the way of their own. The days drew on as the teachings slowly took hold. Reported by many (and including the auother), these historic teachings would change the way the CPU deals with fibres, how it would be so beneficial, Scripture on Fibre Time Fractions that were never thought useful. It turned out however that not all was well with this knowledge. Word grew of some disgruntled FS9 users in the Southland, claiming this was no magic but more cheap fixes that would not work.Another couple of extracts.On these ancient commamdents, enscribed with teachings of high memory fixes and a stale buffer threshold that shall be usedPeople cam far and wide to hear the techings of *******. Thou shalt use a Buffer Poll of no more than 0. 1 Maybe added but taken away again as to not be 1 but only 0.Thanks very much!
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