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  1. Solved my problem of using 2 monitors by using the Windows Sniping Tool. Problem is pausing the sim, adjusting Sniped area, is a nuisance and means missing some moments. Most people buying FS2020 do so for the great scenery - but no screenshot tool provided. I don't like being critical but, ehhhhhhhhh
  2. I assumed their would be a simple method, surely there must be. The problem I have with listed methods is that I use a second screen for instructions etc. When I use Winkey+PrtScr I get both screens n the picture.
  3. I have deleted the folder as requested, then ran Chase after a restart. The folder was rewritten but different content. So far seems to have stopped the Cloud problem.
  4. Trackhat is a new, cheaper and I think better version of Track IR. There is no problem with QOTS itself, it works very well in p3d v4, my problem seems to be that PMDG connects with p3d differently to the default aircraft and Trackhat isn't picking this up. Something to do with the protocol used by Trackhat. I was hoping a Track IR user would have suggestions.
  5. I have the 747 running with no problems in p3d v4. It is recommended that p3d be installed in its own folder and not in Program Files. PMDG give some good guidance for installing, have you followed it ?.
  6. I recently purchased Trackhat, which seems to work fine with p3d aircraft, but will not work at all with QOTS. I have no idea what the problem is, any suggestions from Trackhat or Trackir users would be welcome
  7. I have been using Chaseplane for a couple of months and twice I have been unable to load the program. The first time was when FSFX had a problem with their server and the current second time is I keep getting a message when it attempts to log in to FSPS "We are sorry, an unknown error occured. Please contact us at *@*.com with a reference to this message: (TrustFailure)" I am now awaiting their response. This may not seem a much of a problem to some but when one gets the time to fly only to be unable to load the software it becomes very annoying. I could reset everything back to EZDOK but that takes too much time. Does anyone know if FSPS plan to include an offline mode which will eliminate these problems ?.
  8. Yes I find exactly the same, with dynamic lighting fps drops 15-20 which spoils the flight.
  9. I installed 747-400 into FSC steam on Windows 10 64 bit last year. I can't remember any particular problem. I always turn off Antivirus , UAC and run as Administrator I have now changed to P3D so have to wait for the new version if I decide to buy. I have installed the Ifly 747-400 and I am delighted with it, so may not bother with PMDG when it comes out. I have not had any problem installing anything on Windows 10, in fact I really like it and prefer it to Windows 7.
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