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  1. I have my autogen set to normal, do not forget that prepar3d v4 runs much better with 20 fps than Fsx, have ever done. in pmdg 747 on runway in Heatrow i have 22 fps with fairly high setting and it runs great. my pc is a i7 6850 4,3 ghz gtx 1080ti 16 gb 2666 MHz memory. ssd disk. I love prepar3d v4 thinks it runs great, much more smooth than FSX, i never go back to FSX
  2. do as i do, close it down and make something else.
  3. i had a 780 and now a 980Ti in fsx a little gain in preformance, in other games a huge gain. but i would rather here from people going from a i7 3770k to a 6700k, what is your experiance?
  4. Anybody here change a i7 3770k with a 6700k and what is your results?
  5. for fsx no not much i have a gtx980ti before i had a gtx 780. for prepar3d i dont know
  6. im not saying i does not work, i just wonder what happen to my flights!!!
  7. i use pro flight planner to make flightplans, and load them into pro-atc i had 0 succeded flights, it seems that theese to wont work very good together. my plan seems right but pro-atc suddenly want me to go to another waypoint that is not in my plan, so i am about to give up pro-atc today i only godt clearence to 4000 feet and then i heard nothing from atc, very stange. i have installed airac, rebuild scenery and align it. i use 1,702
  8. I use fsx steam i have only affinity mask in my cfg, and it runs great. :smile:
  9. sorry byt it has not. it says wrong email all the time so i know that i did not get a mail from you i know my ovn email adress where i bought the program. I havent registed because it fails all the time.
  10. How can it be that it is impossible to register at their forum, i have done all right but they found somthing all the time to keep people out why? name right email right password right quistions right no accces hmm strange!!!
  11. i have bought a gtx 980TI and are running fsx steam, i must say that steam is just a bit better than the old fsx, more smooth, im very happy with fsx now. Also very happy with my gtx 980TI
  12. do you then mean that not getting clearence to decent and land, is just small problems? hmm
  13. what do you then want me to say? that it all works perfect? i have done all right rb scenery align ,airac all and then pro-atc dont work!! yes clearence to take off and get airborne worked but then nothing from the program. explain me why please
  14. I just installed pro.atc 1,702 and took a trip from stavanger to copenhagen NO decent clearence No landing clearence i Heard nothing from Pro-atc its worse than before the update. so therefore goodbye pro-atc!!!
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