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  1. wow It is really running smooth after this update, much better now.
  2. I love my prepar3d v5 and my pmdg 737
  3. Carenado, does it ring a bell ? very nice but word not allowed in systems.
  4. I do not know, i have asked for a refund so i wont find out
  5. Mine is running like word not allowed just bought it, im really not impressed with the controlling in the game, is is nice to look at, but it runs really bad on my pci run it at high not ultra, i have a i7 8700k 4,9 ghz and a gtx 1080ti and 16 gb Memory.
  6. All is fine here 100 fps on ultra with a gtx 970 no stutters or any other problems load time is only 2 sek 😂
  7. PilotPete99 Why are you talking like that, control yourself
  8. I wait a month or more i still have a stabil prepar3d V5.It seems this FS 2020 are not ready yet.
  9. I wait a couple of days, ho hurry here, i want to hear what you guys says, before i buy. I wait more for the gtx 3080 series
  10. Until the temp goes down, it is very hot here in Denmark so i wait for the temp to fall, i wont play in this heat.
  11. I am calm i buy a 3080ti and then buy fs 2020, but of course you can not have 100 fps in New York, not even in prepar3d so easy now.
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