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  1. Hello, Brian, It is very difficult to put a start-up price on a Single-Pilot Part 135 operation. The cost can range from $100,000 to so much more. Everything is predicated on the aircraft, the mechanical status of the aircraft, where the aircraft is kept, flight training, insurance, cost of required manuals. A single-engine aircraft will obviously be less expensive to start with. But, must meet the needs of the majority of your potential clients, or you will lose business (more than 4 seats, respectable range with payload, speed, etc.) Such as the A36 or B36TC Bonanza, the Piper Lance, or the Cessna 210 Centurion. The aircraft must meet FAR Part 135 specifications and those costs can vary as required to meet those specifications. Hence, purchasing an aircraft that has been Part 135 would be a good start. You could look into buying a Part 135 certificate that has already been approved to offset some of the expense and time. If you start from scratch, it can take over a year to have your certificate approved, depending on which region of the country you live in. Our region was taking anywhere from 8 months to well over a year for the certification of a Part 135 operation. There is a lot involved in even a Single-Pilot Part 135 operation to get off the ground, even while being the least restrictive and labor intensive way to start a Part 135 operation. Patience will indeed be a virtue. Good luck on your endeavors.
  2. Hi, Pe11e, These are great shots. I love FSX DX10! Once a stable platform has been put together, and enhancing is experimented with FSX, one can obtain some outstanding results. Just like these shots. Thanks for sharing these. Jim
  3. I'll say you are! Great paint on your bird there. Hard to beat Jackson Hole!
  4. Great shots, Patrick! The scenery looks splendid, but man, that bird does shine!
  5. Excellent shots Rob! Especially downtown New York!
  6. Hi, Angelo, I know that it worked in P3D V2.4 and V2.5 before I removed P3D. Just using FSX DX10 for now. But, I don't know about the Estonia Migration tool. I was able to directly install it into P3D. Hi, pugilist2, http://metal2mesh.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2&zenid=872hu6v1vecjngosl645cusfp6 The only problem is it appears they have stopped selling the panel upgrade. I have the upgrade, but, I am using the original panel that came with the Mudhen. It works exceedingly well for what I need.
  7. Hi, Ryan, I knew it was after reading the posts. Just pulling your chain. :smile: You can see the difference, specifically in the panel lighting. But, Carenado did an outstanding job. I love the Carenado B200 in spite of several things that aren't correct. Wish they would modify the 200 and update it to the 250 with the Collins Pro Line. It sure is a slick system to work with! Again, thanks for your C90 input and pics. This really helps a lot.
  8. Same here, Devon. The pics are a "no-show". And, really wanted to see how its coming along. Using Firefox.
  9. Hi, Gregg, I sure hate to hear this. You have had some great things to say. It's been a pleasure to read about some of the things you come up with. There have been so many times when the feeling was mutual about quitting with this stuff. It doesn't take anything to wind up spending way too much time with this. But, if I wasn't simming, I'd be working! Hummmmm...gotta throw a quarter up into the air and see what it lands on. Thank goodness it's a two headed quarter, since I always call "heads". It's hard to believe that after the time spent in real world flying that simming would be a great way to spend off time. But, there is something about the program. The creativity, the antagonism, the beauty of what others have produced, the forgetting to turn on the GPU fan and have the computer shut down right after takeoff, etc. For a long time, quite a few of the pilots where I work would get together and we would fly multi-player....a lot. Their wives weaned them from the sim and have them doing domestic stuff! What a waste of good simming time! While the aircraft in my hangar are fun to take around the patch, like you, my favorite is the A2A P-51. This airplane gets more attention then any other. So, when I pick another to go bore holes in the sky, I have to hear them complain about "Fancy Pants, the P-51"! Makes me want to quit just because of the complaints. But, some how, I just look over it all..... for now. Hope to hear that you are back in it soon, Gregg. As was said above: "Absense truly does make the heart grow fonder though......." Ditto to that! Take care, Sir! Jim
  10. Brian, these are outstanding. I really like how the reflections show on the canopy. It's about time to see some realism! http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=19461
  11. Ryan, thanks for your C90GT overview. Great shots. Your last shot looks so ....... real! I'm just about to push the "buy" button, mostly based on your post. Carenado may have a few issues, but they sure do produce some fantastic machines! I really love their Citation 550 after they fixed most of it. And, then JanekBln comes along and makes it even better! There are some extremely talented folks out there! Appreciate your input.
  12. My son was an F-15 Avionics Tech at SJ, by way of Luke and Wichita Falls. Something I am very proud of. It only stands to reason having an F-15 with "SJ" on the tail. Proud of those currently serving and who have served our Country! The closest thing to a fighter strapped to my backside is the Lear 60. Deadhead to KDAL for maintenance, light in weight, very cool outside. Asked ATC for an unrestricted climb if able. 3,000' to 15,000 in a little less than 1 1/2 minutes. ATC called and asked our rate of climb since his scope was showing all "XXXXs" for rate. Our VSIs maxed at 6,000 FPM. Best climb rate I have ever done! But ...... I'll be sure to empty the "Blue" water the next time! Just on the outside of the plane thankfully. The external service port valve seal leaked a little. OKAY, it leaked a lot! Hence, the "Chief Lav Cleaner". So, I can only imagine your experience. What a thrill that would be! Nothing like pulling a few g's and climbing 20,000 FPM or more to get the blood flowing! Those guys have to LOVE giving rides!!! What is truly wonderful is that they take the opportunity to give folks a chance to see what a real flight in the F-15 is like. That is a great thing to do!
  13. Same here! I get something working and love the overall set up, and start all over again. P3D V3.1 really does bring out the instrument panels exceedingly well. Thought that was you in the cockpit! How long after landing from your F-15 incentive flight did you start to get back to normal? What a kick in the pants that must have been!!!
  14. Excellent shots, Darryl. Love the colors.
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