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  1. Jim: I followed instructions you mentioned above. Result is that Chrome tries to connect and just stays there and spins.
  2. I just tried both methods in Chrome. Normal download = This webpage is not available (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET). Incognito mode = No Data Received (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE)
  3. Now getting "Page Can Not Be Displayed"
  4. I just installed Firefox. Still unable to download. Get "Begining FTP Transaction", but nothing happens. Sits at connecting. So now I have tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE11 all with the same results. Did not have this problem prior to site updates over the weekend. Bill
  5. I am having same issue, whether using IE11 or Chrome. After selecting Download, just spins, never comes back. I left one going for over 1/2 hour.
  6. Try flightdeck sound effects panel. Fdsfxpnl.zip. Works great
  7. Nice pictures. What repaint did you use for the 737?
  8. Very nice. Question, is there a checklist specially for multiple short flights so aircraft turned around quickly for the following flight, taxi in, deplane, board, taxi out. Thanks
  9. I use the free FDSFX panel available here on AVSIM. I then go to youtube and find the sounds I want and download, edit and add to the panel. I now have about 4,000 little sound files for about 70 different airlines. Bill
  10. I decided last night to completely rebuild system, as I think the underlying issue maybe corrupt Windows files. I will start this in the few days. Thanks for your all your suggestions.
  11. Ken: Thanks for the suggestions. I will start that process tonight when I get home from work.
  12. I have been having some strange issues, and short of wiping out my system and rebuilding, I am not sure where to look. Basically, the Add-on drop down items are not consistenting working. Example FSUIPC shows in the drop down, but selecting it does not bring up the FSUIPC screen. I have aicarriers in the EXE.XML, but it does not start with FSX and does not show in the drop down. When I start FSX, FSX.EXE and COUATL.EXE are in the task manager. If I shutdown FSX, they are removed from the task manager. If I start FSX, select FSUIPC, which does not do anything, when I exit FSX, FSX.EXE and COUATL.EXE remain in the task manager. I have restore my system back to June, I have removed and added programs, I have reinstalled my video drivers, I have started with new FSX.CFG, etc. and nothing seems to work consistently. Late last night, I got most working, I then relicensed ASN, installed KIAD 1.2 upgrade, reran Stand Alone manager, and now things are not working. The system seems to have a mind of it's own. I hope someone can point me in the right direction to try and trouble shoot these issues. I have been working on this for 3 days now. Thanks Bill
  13. Anyone willing to do the following 737-700 Non Winglet versions. They are fictional in that these were on 737-300, 400, and 500 versions. Shuttle by United Virgin Atlantic Air Belgium
  14. Chris Thanks for the info. I will try it tonight when I get home from work. Bill
  15. Steve: I am also interested in your process for the equipment decal. I will be using Photoshop. My specific question is related to using a bmp or jpeg logo file. Thanks Bill
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