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  1. clarkresponse

    Get info on the active runway in use

    Thought I would post something helpful for me and maybe helpful to others. Here is a website I use to find the active runway for landings and takeoffs. Although Active Sky Next gives me the metar info it does not tell me the active runway in use. At times when I thought I would have the correct runway programmed in the fmc base on wind calculations, atc would give me a different runway. So I´ve been using this site which has never failed me yet. Try it. You too may find it useful as well.
  2. clarkresponse

    unable to download

    I´m having the exact same problem even after clearing my cookie caches in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It´s been like that since Avsim updated the servers. George Clark
  3. clarkresponse

    Level d 767 cargo doors

    Hi Jim, If it´s not too much to ask as I know you´ve been bombarded with this same question but, may I have a copy of your guage too? I would really appreciate it, Thanks. George Clark