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  1. Thought I would post something helpful for me and maybe helpful to others. Here is a website I use to find the active runway for landings and takeoffs. http://www.icao.dk/ Although Active Sky Next gives me the metar info it does not tell me the active runway in use. At times when I thought I would have the correct runway programmed in the fmc base on wind calculations, atc would give me a different runway. So I´ve been using this site which has never failed me yet. Try it. You too may find it useful as well.
  2. I´m having the exact same problem even after clearing my cookie caches in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It´s been like that since Avsim updated the servers. George Clark
  3. Hi Jim, If it´s not too much to ask as I know you´ve been bombarded with this same question but, may I have a copy of your guage too? I would really appreciate it, Thanks. George Clark
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