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  1. The most usefull One !! :(Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Hi, Should be great to have this livery to start learning the NGX :) Just have a look at these pictures: http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/viewtopic.php?id=29557
  3. Hi Joss, I like to dream with you !Great ideaLouis
  4. Hi, Same issue here, do we have to mail PMDG, or just wait and retry ? cheersLouis
  5. Hi everybody, Cessna Mustang Form Flight1 is the best G1000 I have found in FSX, most of the pages / functions are actives and it is very similar to the real one.(I have about 60 hours logged on real G1000 GA airplane) I Haven't tested yet the DA42 G1000 from eaglesoft (just the one from Iris) CheersLouis
  6. Hi Everybody,Same issue here, using SP2 without Acceleration pack.I can see the popup windows but whatever button is pressed, only the pilot door open.Same issue with the button showing external items when plane is parked, nothing happen when it is clicked.There are not major bugs, the plane is so great, it is a plaesure ti fly it and to llsten to it as well ! ;) Thanks Carenado Cheers Louis
  7. Thank a lot, very interresting post with a lot of answers. I was asking me already some of these questions, especcially the one about icing procedure and performance impact.Again thanksLouis
  8. Hi, Correct me if i'm wrong, English is not my native language ... does it mean that CPFlight hardware won't have any drivers available ? -- a virtual 737 pilote under some stress at the moment -- ;) Louis
  9. Same on IVAO yesterday, impossible to vacate the runway ... shame on meat least one or two pilots trained their go around procedure ;)Louis PerrinLFPN
  10. Hi Ryan, Problem solved, thank you very much !Louis Perrin
  11. Hi, I'm using only VC panel.When I load the 748, my default panel is VC.Thank you to spend your time on this issue.Louis Perrin
  12. Hello, Unfortunatly, I don't have FS2Crew and VC is enabled in all 747-400 in Load Manager Louis Perrin
  13. No solution, I tried to uninstall - reinstall ... same issue. I tried to reinstall without uninstalling (kind of repear), after doing this, both front and rear wheels were not moving.One question to PMDG team: have you been able to reproduce this bug at the moment? Louis Perrin
  14. Hello, I confirm, using VC I have now 25fps, compared to 16 with the regular 744.Louis Perrin
  15. Hi All, Same issue here, with W7 64 "coordination/rudder" -> is OFFThis never happened in the 747-400 VersionsI'm using FSUIPC but no control custumizationFront wheel don't turn whatever the taxi speed is, but back wheels are moving rightLouis Perrin
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