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  1. Guess these days wveryone is at the seattle conference.. Meh!
  2. I've tried everything thinkable.. New FSX installation, SP1, latest drivers.. NothingOf course I've tried every possible setting, hi-res, low-res, display settings at max and minimums. I even tried every single one of them one by one to see if I could isolate one of them as the cause of the low FPS. Of course I've tried all the diferent settings in the video drivers.. Nothing. What kills me is that no matter what I do I'll get 3 FPS.. Even with no scenery and all the settings to its lowest.. Or with everything turned to max.. There is no change: 3 FPS!This only happens with 744-FSX, any default airplane will give decent rates with medium settings. There is a bottleneck somewhere but I just cnat figure it out.Hard is as follows: ATI Radeon 1900 512MB VRAMAMD x64 35002 Gb RAMAprox. 1 TB in HDWindows XP with all oficial updatesPlease, enlight me!
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