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  1. It's been a couple of weeks since I last used the QTOS2. Since then I've done a Windows 10 update which messed some stuff up, and used the PTA tool to upgrade my P3D visuals. I'm not sure if I've flown the 747 since updating it via the operations center. When I try to open the 747 it gives me the activation window. I put in the key, hit activate and it does it's thing, but after seeing "polling response" the activation window presents itself again (and again, and again, ...). Firewall and Anti-virus are completely switched off. I already tried to reinstall simconnect but it doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Bjoern. Great tweaks. I have one problem though. When the nose wheel steering lock is engaged I cannot use the rudder anymore. Thanks
  3. Ok, it should be fixed now. Try this. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=31691484468560268959
  4. I probably messed something up. Not exactly sure what though... Will upload a fix once I find out.
  5. Here's my first ever attempt at a repaint because I couldn't find a BBJ. Should be on avsim soon.
  6. I understand Kyle. I'm on a different aircraft nowadays but until 3 years ago the plane was configured the way I explained. I'm pretty sure not much has changed since (as they are planned to be phased out in a couple of years).
  7. I was going to to open the exact same topic. The autothrottle should only trip off when multiple engines fail.
  8. http://www.avsim.com/topic/503016-activation-error-activation-library-handle-creation-failed-order-371907/?hl=%2Blibrary+%2Bhandle#entry3562182 Good luck
  9. I don't know who verified the klm options, but there seem to be some more mistakes. (my info is a couple of years old) The real plane: No yoke checklist No yoke memory thing Flight control check on engine page Old fashioned backup instruments Ballast system installed (but never used) No taxi lights No glareshield ptt No rmi Auto anti ice If I remember correctly the Boeing radios A 40 feet callout upon landing (2500,1000,500,100,50-10) No automatic v1 callout Pnf calls v1 vr and positive rate That's of the top of my head. When I get home I can share my configuration file with you if you want.
  10. The main deck cargo fire arm switch seems to be missing in my vc (744combi). Is there a setting somewhere to get this switch to show?
  11. Trim in the 747 is conventional. Trimming simply moves the stabilizer.
  12. I found some stuff in the AMM that could (I'm not sure, I'm not a mechanic) explain the delay. When you hit TOGA on the ground a so called "stopper test" is performed before the AT engages. (7) Stopper test (a) When the airplane is on the ground and the takeoff mode is selected the master FMC will automatically perform the stopper test. This test, if passed, will ensure that the throttles will not retard during the critical takeoff phase. This critical phase is when the airplane is on the ground with a ground speed greater than 65 knots and when the airplane is off the ground and below 400 feet AGL. (b) This test consists of seven subtests in which one of the subtests is independent and performed in a different location. This independent test is known as the secondary throttle hold test. ... The AMM goes on in detail explaining the specifics of this test. It seems plausible to me that this explains the delay. Apparently the system works differently. There is no mechanical declutching. The only thing that happens is that power is removed from the servo. Me too ;-)
  13. There is a delay and you can hear the servo (some planes are especially noisy and the servo might be more difficult to hear). The internet is full of proof: https://youtu.be/ITqebF881uk?t=2m https://youtu.be/2hbQH9J7LWE?t=55s https://youtu.be/huhtY2OryF0?t=55s https://youtu.be/v8xFaJ_-Re4?t=55s
  14. Is this what you're seeing? If it is, it means that the step climb is not available due to your weight. https://youtu.be/X97LdefT_Sw
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