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  1. Thanks for the news Samaritano. I have to say, after many years of not using this add-on, I'm loving this update.
  2. May I add, no lighting nor rain sound.
  3. SergioN


    That's the deal I got too, you won't regret it. If you can buy GCXO, do it, the 5 landings I made where very challenging due to up and downdrafts, very cool. If you fly the NGXu then you'll have real flights from AEA and RYR from barajas, bilbao, santiago de compostela. Best flights I made in p3d
  4. SergioN


    I've recently bought MK Studios GCXO and GCTS from orbx central and love them. If you don't care too much of Tenerife North (GCXO) then go for DD, as it's sloped runway and taxiway makes it a bit more immersive. But if you're like me (I only fly the NGXu and wanted a more detailed version of GCXO that most of the time has very challenging landing due to winds) then go for MK Studios, as GCXO only works (due to elevation issues) with the complement of GCTS. Hope it helped
  5. Sometimes I could make it work disabling EA, going back to flight and then re enabling EA. Same with rain and thunder sound. Unfortunately more times than less the rain sound disables again (I posted in P3D forums about this with no response). This is on the NGXu though.
  6. Thanks for posting the workaround, I was so frustrated with this issue, it really helped.
  7. Exactly what happens to me in dense scenery airports, even at 5% stutters, as you describe, I turn it off, no stutter whatsoever. I'm on P3Dv5 though
  8. Hi Jesse, yes on 100 and box checked, I even bought ENVSOUND to see if that helped, but nothing. Thanks for replying
  9. Guys, do you know what should I reinsatll regarding p3d to regain rain sound? Thanks
  10. Hi all, i'm missing rain sound on p3dv5.1 hf1, does anybody know what is going on? The precip files are in it's respective folder. Don't remember when it did work if it did. I'm on Windows 10 recently updated. Thanks a lot
  11. Yeap, I asked, no one shared their's unfortunately.
  12. well maybe its 5.1 hf1, lost the hf's count. I'm with the latest version.
  13. can someone be so kind to share their envshade settings, i'm on p3dv5.1 hf2 with EA on, thanks very much in advance
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