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  1. SergioN

    Twin mini mouse curser when undocking cdu

    Hi Marc, no it isn't. I discovered now that browsing another arrow (arrow_i) solved the issue, I don't remember which Link Select or hand I selected, but the ones having this problem again, can try browsing a for a substitution until the mini mouse shadow is gone. Regards
  2. SergioN

    Twin mini mouse curser when undocking cdu

    Anybody noticed that with latest october windows 10 update, the twin mini cursor re-appeared. I clouldn't fix it with Tom's instruction this time. If someone has a fix for this new bug, pleae post the solution here, I tried making every icon to default, but did not work. Thanks Sergio
  3. Romair, set p3d and chaseplane to run as administrator and you'll have it fixed, at least for me it did.
  4. SergioN

    small strakes over nose not visible

    Thanks for the input Mark! In the NGX they are only seen from the outside view, but they are there.
  5. SergioN

    small strakes over nose not visible

    I've also sent a ticket, let's see if he get this back. Cheers
  6. SergioN

    small strakes over nose not visible

    Thanks for your reply Morten, i thought i saw them before, cheers!
  7. Hi everyone, Is it my NGX issue, or everybody else does not see the small strakes over the nose from virtual cockpit view (dash cam view), they are visible in the outside view, but not anymore in the cockpit view. NGX version 1.20.8885 (latest) Thanks
  8. SergioN

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    thanks a lot for your help and info John! I prefer reality over looks, so I've chosen the rudder send direct to fsuipc, don't mind animation of the rudder in outside views. Great week Sergio
  9. SergioN

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    Oh I think I got it, is the same configuration (steering tiller send direct FSUIPC calibration) but now the rudder won't steer the tiller in slow taxi... is it? Thanks
  10. SergioN

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    Hi John, could you explain more detailed how do set this in FSUIPC?, I already have the latest version 5.132c, but can't figure aout how toset what you explai, thanks a lot inadvance! Sergio
  11. For those with this issue, the fix was to run p3d as administrator. The fix was provided by FSFX support team. Regards
  12. Hi, since p3dv4.3 and chaseplane update, no matter if the auto-launch function is on or off, chaseplane doesn't start automatically when starting p3d, i've chequed exe.xml and this is what i get: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_btstrp_config_manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>VFXCentral</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\OldProp Solutions Inc\VFXCentral\VFXCentral.exe</Path> <CommandLine>P3Dv4</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>ChasePlane</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\OldProp Solutions Inc\ChasePlane\ChasePlane.exe</Path> <CommandLine>P3Dv4</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> can't find any errors here, help needed please thanks a lot Sergio
  13. SergioN

    SHIFT+0,1,2,3,.. keyboard commands don't work

    Just to inform that it was FSUIPC, now it's updated and working fine in my setup from Pete's forum: "5.131 fixes a keyboard problem involving numeric keys, introduced in 5.13."
  14. Thanks a lot everyone, it works normally now!!
  15. Thanks Dick, some guys (at pmdg forum) are reporting the same problem with latest windows 10 build (even windows 7). Someone uninstalled the latest update but didn't resolve this specific problem.