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  1. No matter what I do, since latest version 7434 I have no clouds. Have already opened a ticket, no response yet.
  2. Hello, is UGCX marshaller signaling "right, left, slow down, etc" when aligning to the gate, does this work as GSX marshaller (which works AIRL)? thx
  3. Reinhard, I use Panel Position tool to restore undocked pop-up panels, works like charm, First step will be, just for one time, undock panel/s, position them where you like and press panel store; then next p3d session the only thing you need to do is undock the panels you wish to and press panel restore. Google Panel Position, you should find it, if you don't PM me and I'll send it to you. If you have more than one screen and wish to take advantage on the 1/2 refresh and external fps then you are lost, it kills your fps, un-usable.
  4. For me the fps limiter within NCP gives me stutters, I use NVI's frame rate limiter v2 on 30 and I have my sim as smooth as you can get. The only other settings I use are: Vertical sync: 1/2 Refresh Rate, Vertical sync tears control: Adaptive, Texture filtering: High Quality and Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance. Monitor Refresh Rate 60GHz
  5. Hi there, would you mind letting me know how do you to manually edit the placement to get the jetway working. which program do you use? Thank you
  6. Yeah that's my wish too, there's an automatic docking in SODE settings but unfortunately it isn't working for me, if my memory is correct, before installing GSX it worked, but I need GSX for the marshallers and pushback.
  7. Hi Simbol, I'm having this issue when I apply modifications to some FAIB models, more precisely the 737NG ones, navwi, navred and navgre. Oh some A300 also, with this ones the nav light hides inside the wing so obviously does not get to show in the sim. The lights get displaced when using the app. So what I did is corrected the position with MCX and re run the app and it moves them for whatever reason. The thing is that it moves them to a position where it does not look good or it doesn't show, as explained before. Hope this could be fixed, thanks a lot
  8. Thanks a lot Simbol, you should start charging and teaching some developers your support wisdom man, its outstanding App running like the best
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