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  1. It didn't allow me to buy anything from marketplace, it triggered an error when pressing buy button and it rejects the operation cancelling it. At least to me it did, until I opened the sim with no admin rights.
  2. If you start as admin they will load. I had the same issue, some add-ons where opening and some didn't (configured in FSUIPC). Right click on MSFS icon Run as Administartor. Be aware that if you are buying from the marketplace you should not run as admin.
  3. My findings are similar, I gain an average of 5 fps from DX11. The sweet spot for me is also to lock it to 40 fps. Smoothness, if 40 fps is maintained, is the same in both DX11 and DX12, obviously if I go to a heavy scenery, I will start having stutters (minor) first with DX12 since it gives me 5 fps less. i9900K @ 5.1GHz HT ON - GTX 1080 Ti
  4. Sorry I confused flickering with tearing. I was having tearing with SU10 DX12 (no tearing with DX11 Vsync FAST) and had to set Vsync to ON in NVCP to mitigate it, I'm using g-sync and have no flickering. I had though, but like a year back, with an older nvidia driver. No Flicker in a long time now, what ever settings I choose in game or NVCP. And no AMD here, so I can't help there.
  5. Totally agree, that shouldn't be such a big database for servers to become too expensive and overflown.
  6. Me 2, used historical weather 99% of the time.
  7. They missed one of the more useful feature unfortunately. The possibility to write on charts (eg: mark ground taxi instructions to runway holding point or write departure freq, etc, etc)
  8. I used p3d version for years. Mainly used it for pushback, marshaller and VDGS. What I don't like (watching some YT videos) is the slow pace and overall pushback process, like the guy animation (lack of duck movement) when installing and uninstalling the pin to the PMDG 737's. The "guy" takes too long from one task to another and when the pushback finishes, he is always on the wrong side of the aircraft and has to cross the front of it (which is a total immersion killer), making the process even slower. Another bug, that was brought from p3d, is the pushback truck sudden stop, which I very much dislike. When all of this is updated I will consider buying it for MSFS. The profiles are very welcomed for sure and will become very useful arriving at gate after landing.
  9. Done, voted. I've always flown with historic weather in p3d, it's a must in msfs. #1 priority. This is the best way to replicate a flight anywhere in the world with all the data possible through flightradar24 for example. Nothing beats that. You know the Departing gate, taxi route, departing rwy, FL, weather obviously, turn around time, etc, etc. Every now and then I used live weather. It's really a shame msfs didn't bring this yet, they are 2 years late.
  10. Good info David, with my 1080 Ti I have that same experience with DX12 and SU 9 (stuttery as hell), I'm not in the Beta 10 though. I'll wait for the final release.
  11. Thanks a lot for the info, my Display is 2K (3440 x 1440) and I don't run the sim in Ultra. My CPU is a 9900K @ 5.1 with HT ON. I maybe use the system for a year or so and then upgrade RAM, mobo and GPU with latest gens so to have a balanced system. Thanks again for the feedback.
  12. Wow! So I wouldn't get much performance gain if I switch my 1080 Ti for a 3080 as I was thinking of doing.
  13. Reg version of FSUIPC most certainly needed for this.
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