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  1. Really nice integration. Looking perfect.
  2. I think that is done through the shaders. Its a dynamic hardware rendering and can't be set directly via an Art Control value.
  3. It would be the best to reports this and your interest in helping directly to flight factor. Send them a mail 757support@flightfactor.aero I am disappointed as well with this product, because its filled with errors and false system programming. I have already reported some issues regarding FMS and Autopilot, which partly cover your observation.
  4. Here is a possible script. Feel free to use it, extend it, modifiy it. Note that this values need to be adjusted for you personal needs. For windows I recommend to use "Notepad++" for editing. 1. Create a file and name it "Atmo.lua" for example 2. Open it with a text editor (recommend Notepad++) 3. Insert above quoted script 4. Save it 5. Copy or paste it to .../Plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts You can edit the file on the fly and reload the setting in x-plane via the FlyWithLua menu in plugins.
  5. Not now. Laminar has to change cloud rendering and Shaders to achieve such a representation. But we are on a good way towards it. I guess we will see something close to it, within future updates. Or even someone steps up and will develop a complete new wx injector and 3D rendering plugin. Skymaxx Pro is a first step...
  6. Haha. Using them as well since initial release. Nice representation of what I see daily looking up.
  7. Regarding the faulty shadows; its the Shadows Ground dataref. Setting it to 1.0 makes aircraft shadows being rendered false.
  8. Sorry but on Nvudia here. The Shaders provided by Aerosoft Skytool work pretty well. Try to work with the cloud ambient gain dataref, it makes the closer clouds a bit more puffy. Does anybody suffer disrupted shadows of aircraft on ground? Looks like some setting besides shadow lighten is influencing shadow detail as well.
  9. I am loving this stuff... just can't stop flying. See attached picture, This are the setting from tomcat with the Aerosoft Skytools Shaders and Cloud textures...
  10. Thanks... I have already tried some and will write them down the next days, because some need a bit more testing to correctly define their effects, pros and cons.
  11. Got it working with FlyWithLua... unbelievable potential. Just trying and trying.... sometimes things look crazy, but some effects look stunning. Will keep you updated.
  12. Wilco. Will try that tomorrow... Just thought it needs a special format besides the scripts orders...
  13. Could you guys share such a script? I know FlyWithLua but haven't worked with it by now. regards Jakob
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