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  1. Dave, what pixel density are you running it at? I run mine at 1.5. I gotta be honest though, I went back to the Track IR with P3D man. Seems that lately I’ve been having lots of stutters and visual jerking that I can’t figure out how to get rid of. This is despite good frame rates. Is just happening with P3D V4 with any airplane. Ray
  2. Are you running P3D V4 with Flyinside or native? What are your frame rates like with the PMDG 74? I also get flashes every now and then. Are you getting those? Ray
  3. I have an i7 7700K with an Nvidia 1080, and 32 Gigs of RAM. Ray
  4. Angelo, I have the Riff. Don’t know any others. Perhaps someone in the forum has compared the two and can give you better info. Native VR for me in P3D V4 was not good at all! I was getting lots of video stutters and the frame rates sucked! Ray
  5. 777?! Wow man, you’re flying with the big boys! ? That’s awesome Dave! I love a Boeing man. I flew the 727 freighter on all three seats, and that was my old time favorarte! It was fast and if you can see the airport, you can land on it! I’m hoping JetBlue gets a wide body some day. I’d like a chance to fly one before I retire. The Airbus is the easiest airplane I’ve ever flown. Can make you a very lazy pilot! ? Yeah man, get that Oculus setup. I love that thing! The resolution could be better, but man, the level of immersion is unbelievable! I fly DCS World as well, and that in VR is an amazing experience! So far the best performers in VR is DCS World and Aerofly FS2. Don’t get me wrong, P3D V4 is awesome in itself, but as far as the lighting, and the smooth frame rates, I think those two are the best. Also, Navigraph is a must if you’re going to fly P3D V4 with FlyInside. You can import that window and is like having your own EFB in the airplane. Is awesome! I know I’m an aviation geek! ? Ray
  6. The A320 man! I still have that childhood curiosity of how other airplanes fly! You?
  7. Flying the PMDG airplanes in VR is absolutely awesome! I highly recommend it. The best performance, frame rate wise, is the 737, followed by the 777. The 747 appears to be the most demanding in PC performance, but it is my favorite, and I fly it often. Ever since I got the Oculus, I’ve never gone back to the Track IR! It is absolutely amazing! Ray
  8. Thanks whamil. Doing further troubleshooting I found I didn't have engine sounds on ANY airplanes! I solved it by performing a full reset of the SteelSeries headset system, and reprograming a profile. That worked! Thanks Again for the reply man. I appreciate it. Take care. Ray
  9. Hello! Just purchased this airplane and I'm getting no engine sound among others. When I load the airplane, I just hear what sounds like the igniters, and the "TAWS systme test okay" from the GTN750 from Flight1. No gear retraction/extension sound, wind noise etc. Any ideas where to start? Windows 10 Home i7 7700K Nvidia GTX 1080 SteelSeries Siberia 800 Oculus Rift (Not using the Oculus sound) Thanks guys. Any help will be appreciated! Ray
  10. Very cool! Man, I love that airplane! Looking forward for this one! Ray "Bones" Lemus
  11. Cool Kyle. Good stuff! I've noticed weird behavior when trying to reverse the spoiler axis as an example using FSUIPC. I just can't get that to work properly. Looking at the Introduction manual (06OCT14 SP1c), it recommends to NOT calibrate the axis using FSUIPC. Since reversing the axis uses the calibration section of FSUIPC, I can see where the issues come in. To prevent any issues, I'm going to set a profile specific to the 777 without any axis. I'll simply check "enable controllers" within P3D. Thanks again Kyle. Pete and Cory thanks for contributing guys. Learned something! Raudel "Ray" Lemus
  12. Oh, okay. Is running okay though using the axis with FSUIPC. Do you know off hand what issues I can have running it that way? So, just to make sure I understand: I can assign key commands using FSUIPC, but NOT the axis? So, when I fly this airplane, I have to check "Enable Controllers"? Is that right? Thanks man for taking the time.
  13. Never mind guys. I figured it out! Operator error! Turns out I didn't noticed the yokes were minimized. When they are in such a state, the animation is disabled. Guess it was a good idea to put power on the airplane and check the flight controls page! See Yah! Kyle, thanks for the reply. What do you mean by "in the sim menus"?
  14. Hey Guys! I'm trying to setup my flight controls with the 777 through FSUIPC, and I can't get the elevators and ailerons to work. No problems with the 737 or any other airplane. They show up fine within the FSUIPC axis menus, but when I get in the VC, nothing! They even register okay within the joystick calibration section. This is using ANY type of controller axis. The trottles as axis work just fine. What's special about the 777? Any ideas how to fix it? P3D Ver. 3.4 FSUIPC Ver. 4.95b Thanks!
  15. Hi John! Man, I'm really sorry you feel that way man. Believe me when I tell you that I respect your opinion, but I think your perception appears a little extreme. People get killed every day while driving, but we can't stop driving man! A visit to the flight deck while the airplane is at the gate is NOT a big deal, and is perfectly safe! Even if someone puts a gun to my head to take the airplane, it'll take a team of people to just take the airplane off the gate! Pilots, kids, and aviation enthusiasts come up to take a look and ask questions on a regular basis when I'm working. We can't just blindly shot out aviation enthusiasts like yourself because there have bee terrorists acts involving airplanes throughout the world. We have to take precautions of course and follow security procedures, but just completely lock out everyone simply implies that the terrorists have really won the war! If I'm at the gate, and I have time, I'll be happy to show you guys the office. Come on in and take a look! Just don't touch nothing! :-) Ray