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  1. Good read there. Maybe just one single correction. When you derate the engines you'll use a little more fuel than whith the full thrust setting. This is due to the fact that jet engines are most efficient at max thrust. Hence you do not derate to lower fuel costs. Save engine wear is a legit reason. You do not necessarily have to buy TOPCAT to make Takeoff Performance Calculations. Search avsim file library for the "b737 dispatch sheet" which is an excel spreadsheet that will also help you determine performance and derates.
  2. You get the numbers from the approach charts. As sugested you really should read the manuals. Fs2crews as well as the NGX's. And try searhing for help on youtube regarding how to read airpprt charts. There's quite a few good tutorials out there.
  3. Follow up on my strange crash to desktop: Not knowing excactly what information is exchanged between FS2Crew and FSX it was very clear to me, that the crash was related to the load sheet dialouge. I think it must have been related to a faulty NGX panel state. It looks like some of the panel states that were provided with the NGX sp1d installation were pre-sp1d and didn't work correctly. As I had used the "long" panel state I might have triggered the crash somehow. Another indication of the faulty panel state was the fact that the "aircond" and the "fuel" warning lights were illuminated without reason. Anyway, what I did was to use the default NGX panel state (which was updated with the sp1d installation) and then shut the aircraft down. Then I saved the panel state. This new panel state has worked without crashes or strange warning lights. Problem seems to be solved! So: Beware that panel states other than default might be corrupted. If you look in the PMDG NGX folder you can actually tell that the panel state files for the most part are dated 2012.
  4. Good idea. Why didn't I think of that?!? Thanks. I'll try tonight and report back. I was using the EU voices.
  5. Does anyone else have the crash in preflight at t minus 8 minutes when the load sheet arrives? I have a clean install of ngx sp1d and fs2crew. The crash happens every time i do the full preflight and I have no other problems with fs2crew. I get the sp1c warning but no sdk error.
  6. I had the same problem until I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of fs2crew and emergency. Now it will read the panel coŕectly. But now I have another problem. Whenever I get the load sheets the sim will crash hard! No response for minutes and the finaly an error message and fsx quits.
  7. Can you re-phrase your question. Not sure what you are asking for. cheers
  8. Search for b737ng dispatch sheet on avsim. Its an excel file thats going to do all the performance calculations you need. It will work for 6,7,8, and 900s in any available configuration. It will calculate everything from fuel consumption to weights to vspeed to center of gravity to derates and a lot more. Cheers Lasse
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