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  1. Works like a treat with "Autoland". Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot Bryan, will try that.
  3. Hi Bryan, I was wondering if the following behaviour is intended: During his descent flow, the F/O always switches the minimums selector from RADIO to BARO on the EFIS panel. I'm using SOP1 and prior to descent I set the selector to RADIO, enter the DH on FS2Crew's APP page, but once I call "Let's start setting up for the descent", the F/O switches back to BARO. I'm pretty sure this was not the case in the NGX version, and according to page 22 of the NGXu SOP1 Tutorial, the F/O should leave this switch alone, shouldn't he? No big deal at all, I just wanted to check if that's on purpose or if I missed something. Thanks and best regards, Stefan
  4. You are a star, Bryan! I‘ll send you a ticket once I’m back at my PC. Thanks a million.
  5. Yes and Yes, but at the arrival gate I don’t trigger any UGCX action.
  6. I would also love to have the green bar disabled completely. What is particularly annoying is that I always get the green bar when I hold down the soft mute key (which I use as my Push-to-talk key for online ATC). So even in mid-flight, where UGCX is not active anyway, I always see "UGCX - Soft Mute active" whenever I talk to ATC. Would be great to have this removed. Thanks and best regards, Stefan
  7. Oh my... It turns out that only the "Go ahead" response is missing. If I say "Please connect the GPU" anyway, I actually get the proper response and the GPU is connected. Strange...
  8. Hi Bryan, Happy New Year! I have all options available in the GND page, and the system understands me correctly ("cockpit to ground" displayed in the green bar). And yet, I don't get any response from the ground crew...
  9. Hi Bryan, I have the same problem, and it started once I had installed UGCX (great stuff btw.!). When I arrive at the gate at my destination, I cannot contact the ground crew any longer in order to have the GPU connected. (I know I can setup FS2Crew to auto-connect the GPU at the gate, but shouldn't it still be possible to "manually" do it with voice-control?) I somehow thought this might be due to an interference between FS2Crew and UGCX? And yes, FLT is enabled on the Captain's comm panel. Best regards, Stefan
  10. FO does set the Autobrakes, but you need to "tell" him the desired setting via FS2Crew's APP page. As Bryan said, when you get an "Are you sure", you missed to ask "Are you ready for the Approach brief?" prior to the Descent Checklist.
  11. Or are your controls connected via USB and Windows puts USB ports "to sleep" when not actively used for a certain amount of time?
  12. You mean you bought FS2Crew without owning the aircraft (PMDG NGX) first? FS2Crew is an Add-on, not a stand-alone application. The PMDG NGX must be installed in order to use it. http://precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/FSX/ngx8900.html Best regards, Stefan
  13. But then you would need to release the Pause button in order to press your PTT button for your readback, so the FO would continue his speech while you're talking to ATC.
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