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  1. SKeller

    help with descent checklist

    FO does set the Autobrakes, but you need to "tell" him the desired setting via FS2Crew's APP page. As Bryan said, when you get an "Are you sure", you missed to ask "Are you ready for the Approach brief?" prior to the Descent Checklist.
  2. SKeller

    Lost of Control on Final

    Or are your controls connected via USB and Windows puts USB ports "to sleep" when not actively used for a certain amount of time?
  3. You mean you bought FS2Crew without owning the aircraft (PMDG NGX) first? FS2Crew is an Add-on, not a stand-alone application. The PMDG NGX must be installed in order to use it. Best regards, Stefan
  4. SKeller

    Online ATC and FO talking...

    But then you would need to release the Pause button in order to press your PTT button for your readback, so the FO would continue his speech while you're talking to ATC.
  5. You bet I do! Just posted a line in the German IVAO forum
  6. Thank you so much, Bryan! You're a star! :smile:
  7. No frequency dialing necessary. You only need to enable the correct button in the NGX's audio panel. See the Main Ops manual, page 38: Note: To communicate with the Ground Crew, press the FLT button on the Captain’s audio panel [...] The screenshot on page 39 shows the button(s) to press. Hope this helps, Stefan
  8. I can only speak for the IVAO client, but it works perfectly fine. You only need to make sure that the "Enable IvAp <-> FSUIPC SDK" option is enabled in the IvAp Configuration tool. (This option is located under "3rd Party Tools" in the Configurator)
  9. SKeller

    PMDG737 update and FS2Crew

    It will work, don't worry. The installer simply does not recognize SP1D and throws this message, but if your WX Radar is working, you have the latest build, and FS2Crew will run fine.
  10. Thank you so much for your kind response. I'm not high, there's no need to shout at me, I didn't "comment", but asked a question, and I'm terribly sorry for having gotten you wrong regarding the panel sounds. However, from reading your "Panel buttons sound the same (place the panel near any PMDG button and click them one after another).", I wasn't able to figure out what you were aiming at. There you go, seems I AM high, or stupid. Please accept my sincere apologies. And you are right, of course: I didn't pay $$ for it. I paid €€ for it. So who am I...
  11. What is wrong with the F/O's voice on the right speaker, considering he is sitting to the right of you? And are you really expecting the click sounds of the FS2Crew panel to move in space depending on where you place the panel? Wow! :smile:
  12. SKeller

    PMDG737 update and FS2Crew

    Simply ignore the error message. FS2Crew will work fine.
  13. That would be SOP1, I think. From reading throught the flows in the manuals, I notcied that SOP1 required the fewest changes compared to my legacy flows.
  14. I also like SOP1 the best. What a great joy flying with Reboot!