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  1. In the "old" FSX/P3D days, I had excellent FS2Crew experiences by assigning the ATC PTT key to FS2Crew's Softe Mute key. So basically FS2Crew kept listening all the time, but was bypassed whenever I was talking to ATC. That's why I think it would be great to have a customizable Soft Mute again. On a side note, I've been "complaining" quite a bit now... However, after having completed 2 flights now, I must say that the new FS2Crew is nothing short of a master piece - once again. And I am soooooo looking forward to the day when I can fly PMDG's 737 NG3 with your add-on. Thanks a lot for keeping up your support for us flyers!
  2. I guess I will get used to it, yes. I'm just missing the ability to "look ahead" or even "look back" which I could easily do in my paper flows and checklists. Once you trigger the next F/O flow, the panel is refreshed and the current PF flow is gone. By the way: Is there no "Soft Mute" key like there was in the "old" Fs2Crews? Bit of a must-have when flying with online ATC.
  3. Thanks a lot, Bryan. I'll see to what extent I can reuse my "cheat sheet" from the Aerosoft version.
  4. These are two completely separate products for two different aircraft. The only similarity is that they both have "A320" in their names. Have you ever used any of the voice-controlled FS2Crew add-ons in FSX or P3D? An entirely different world than A320 Button Control really.
  5. Can I just use the same flows and voice commands like in FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus in P3D? I really want to know what's going on rather than speak a command once the panels tell me to...
  6. Same for me. I'd say tooltips and assist screens decrease the level of immersion. I don't say they are bad things, many will like the new system, but it would have been great to have a choice...
  7. Hi Bryan, Working like a charm now. Thanks a lot! Great to have voice control back in the Sim! Looking forward to the A320 F/O being voice-controlled as well. Best regards, Stefan
  8. Oh dear! Found it now. I wasn't aware that the well hidden old Windows Control Panel actually overrides the settings you set in Windows 10 Settings. Now it shows English UK in the location of your screenshot. Will try if it works later today. Thanks a lot!
  9. I'm afraid this does not exist in Windows 10. My screenshot shows the equivalent.
  10. Hi Bryan, According to the Voice Control Manual, the Pilot language in Pushback Express needs to match the speech recognition language selected in Windows. I have Windows 10 and set the speech recognition language to English UK. So I selected UK for the pilot language, but Pushback Express does not work and throws the language mismatch error. Could it be that the program is actually looking for the Windows display language rather than the speech recognition language? Because even with Windows speech recognition set to English UK, I can use German voice commands in Pushback express when I set the pilot language to German. However, I really want to speak English in the Sim. At the same time, I don't want my entire OS to be English. It worked like a charm in all FS2Crew products for FSX/P3D including UGCX. Here's my WIN 10 setup: Thanks a lot and best regards, Stefan
  11. Works like a treat with "Autoland". Thanks!
  12. Thanks a lot Bryan, will try that.
  13. Hi Bryan, I was wondering if the following behaviour is intended: During his descent flow, the F/O always switches the minimums selector from RADIO to BARO on the EFIS panel. I'm using SOP1 and prior to descent I set the selector to RADIO, enter the DH on FS2Crew's APP page, but once I call "Let's start setting up for the descent", the F/O switches back to BARO. I'm pretty sure this was not the case in the NGX version, and according to page 22 of the NGXu SOP1 Tutorial, the F/O should leave this switch alone, shouldn't he? No big deal at all, I just wanted to check if that's on purpose or if I missed something. Thanks and best regards, Stefan
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