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  1. Hello all, I went looking on the forums to see if there was a dedicated thread for streamers (search button didn't show anything), and I don t want to appear to be spammy. Been into simulators for a while, and I currently fly in the real world. I have gotten my twitch stream up and running, and currently have been focusing on the airliner side of the house rather than anything else, but will eventually branch out into different platforms. Not sure how many of you would want to watch, but so far the feedback has been positive, overwhelming, and well received. Looking to grow and morph the channel to help more sim enthuasists like yourselves out. Feel free to follow here: https://twitch.tv/mcrntachi And would love your opinions, questions, or features you would love to see. Admins: if this is posted in the wrong spot, please let me know! Hoping this is ok here (I have been a long term lurker on the Avsim forums but don't really say much).
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