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  1. MK1988


    Never going back to FSX, ever. For me personally P3D is much more stable and smooth compared FSX. It also looks better. Don't expect improved textures and graphics those haven't changed and still look like FSX though. I can now do basic stuff like switching between full screen and windowed without having to pray for the thing not to CTD. All in all a much better experience for me personally.
  2. Thanks Thanks that did it. I knew it was something simple. Not something worth opening a ticket for. Sorry for the multiple posts. Was getting a service unavailable error each time.
  3. So I took the plunge and got the 777 for P3D. However after installation the activation window doesn't show up when I select the aircraft from the menu like it usually does. The flight loads and the aircraft just sits there with no Landing Gear and nothing works in the flight deck. (no clickspots either). Have I missed something? I recently completely uninstalled FSX and Prepar3D and all my add-ons and re-installed everything from scratch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  4. I think the outrage comes to show how popular PMDG's add-ons are and how badly people like myself want it to work on P3D. The reality is that there is no developer in the FS multiverse that can roll-out products as good as PMDG's. Maybe a certain Airbus developer could come close soon but I wouldnt hold my breath over it. PMDG being a premium developer their pricing must match the quality of their products and it does. Even the new $135 price tag is reasonable IMO. However you have to keep in mind that not many people can afford to dish out the insane amount of money required to port their PMDG products to P3D. If everyone could afford it there would be no whinging. Add up the cost of moving the 737, 777 and their respective expansions as well as the upcoming 747v2 and it becomes quite simply impossible for most of us even though we own most if not all of PMDG's products for FSX. I know I said I wouldnt buy the P3D versions but I would if I could and i'm sure many people will come around at some point and realise that their is no future for FSX. The outrage is mostly about not being able to afford what is most likely the future of flightsim because we've spent most of our money buying PMDG products in the first place and not about PMDG themselves. I'm sure many people like myself will come around and realise that. However I do believe PMDG would have sold more 777s on the P3D platform if a discount taking into account current users had been implemented.
  5. Logitech Extreme. Simple, rugged, cheap, precise. Had a CH FlightSim Yoke but it started deteriorating after a few years. Also use the G27 pedals as rudder pedals although I still use the joystick trigger for the brakes.
  6. True. However the Dash 8 sitting in T2G's OTHH in P3D is a lot smoother than the same scenario in FSX. Considering all my sliders all set to full in P3D im getting nice frames. I think its just a matter of personal preference, hardware etc. What works for someone might not work for someone else. Just haven't managed to tweak FSX to work as well as others have so P3D is a logical choice for me. Might not be the case for someone else. (and yes its the MJC Q400)
  7. My thoughts exactly! It would be nice to have operator specific Checklists like in real life. Not sure if its on the agenda. Although with all the work PMDG currently has on its hands I doubt that's a priority!
  8. So i've been using P3D V2 for about 2 weeks now and I have to say i'm hooked. Just the thought of having to open FSX makes me cringe now! I never really managed to get my FPS levels high enough in FSX and P3D was a breath of fresh air for me. On top of that the visuals and lighting are simply spectacular. I'm currently flying some small GA planes and the Dash 8 around some add-on airports and it just looks and feels amazing. It's fair to assume that PMDG's add-ons will be well worth the wait and price once they come out for that platform.
  9. MK1988


    Shame, PMDG's stuff will be the only add-ons I will have to re-buy for P3D. Having recently switched to P3D though, I'm certain it's going to be worth it. I'm having a hard time going back to FSX right now. The only thing forcing me back is the fact that the 737 and 777 are there! Can't wait for the P3D version! Ian Chenel
  10. Hi guys, I need some help with installing my Add-Ons. I heard somewhere that Add-ons have to be installed in a specific sequence, if thats true can anyone advise on which addons should go in which order. Ive tweaked Win 7 and installed FSX SP1& SP2 and I have also installed FSUIPC. the rest is as followsAerosoft Mega Airports Amsterdam FSXEditvoicepack XActive Sky EvolutionPMDG 737-800/900PMDG MD-11XPMDG 747-400XPMDG JS41Flight1 Atr 72-500XLevel-D 767-300ERAny help would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry if im in the wrong forum)ThanksIan Chenel
  11. HOoowaaa! Mclaren are back in business :D

  12. Also FSX apart I highly recommend the new A10C Warthog Sim, by far the best stand alone sim ive (played?) flown.
  13. Dont know bout the bigger jets but having flow real Cessna 172s and 182si can say that although FS helps there is a lot of 're-learning' to do when you fly the real thing. The major difference being the feel of the airplane and effect of power on handling capabilities. For example the apparent loss of lift when you pull throttles to idle in the real thing will surprise most the first time. In FS you can pull the throttle early and flare like mad and still land smoothly. Getting the right balance of power, back pressure, along with rudder inputs for landing the real thing is a lot trickier. you can push the throttles fully forward on a go around in FS and not have to apply a lot of rudder. A GA in the real thing will tone the muscles in your right leg so much you wont need to go to the gym, and so will ur biceps if you constantly remain out of trim. I have to say that FS has helped me a lot as it helps you understand the basic prinicples of flight but beware of bad habits as they may be very difficult to eliminate when you start real flying! Just my 2 cents, dont know how larger jets compare to the real thing but thats my take on light aircraft! :(
  14. Mauritius (Home)Reunion IslandRodriguesSeychelles(Transit Only)Australia ( Melbourne, Sydney)UK(Windsor)
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