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  1. maybe your right. That means I got to take another 40 mile trip tomorrow to make the swap :Straight Face:
  2. Just got back from my trip to Microcenter (which I must say is always fun since its a PC geek heaven). I decided not to go with Ivy Bridge. I picked up: i7 2600k Asus Z68 Gen 3 Motherboard Samsung 8GB DDR3 (great overclocking RAM) Corsair H100 EVGA GTX 580 3GB Crucial M4 128GB SSD (OS + few programs) All of this is going into my current Cooler Master 690 II Advanced. I'm also using my current Power supply. I will be putting FSX on my 300GB Velociraptors in Raid 0! Now its time to get to work. Its going to be a long night!
  3. I'll be leaving shorty to Microcenter to pick up either SB or IB. Still can't decide. Choices, choices
  4. Good stuff Ryan. I'm sure community painters will take care of most of the request in this thread like you said once the kit is released.
  5. North AmericaNY (Currently live), MD, CT, NJ, PA, NC, SC, FL, NV, WV, CASouth AmericaBrazil, Argentina, Uruguay (lived for 8 years)EuropeGermany, Austria, France, Switzerland
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