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  1. The PA 380 package for FSX dosen't come with a VC? I thought it did
  2. Good stuff Ryan. I'm sure community painters will take care of most of the request in this thread like you said once the kit is released.
  3. North AmericaNY (Currently live), MD, CT, NJ, PA, NC, SC, FL, NV, WV, CASouth AmericaBrazil, Argentina, Uruguay (lived for 8 years)EuropeGermany, Austria, France, Switzerland
  4. Calm down, only reason I was aksing is because i did that and my ground textures are still blurry. Its probably something else that I need to look into.
  5. I have finally tried to use this mod. It works fine except for my ground is a blurry mess, there is no detail. Its like its stuck loading and can't finish. What should I change?
  6. Hey *******, What are your thoughts on using the BP=0 with a GTX 260 SSC edition. That's what I own but I'm a little skeptical on using that specific tweak since the video memory is <1GB. Right now my i'm getting great results but I need just a little bit more kick to make everything smooth.
  7. I would like to say that the HIGHMEMFIX=1STALE_BUFFER_THRESHOLD=2147483647tweak has made a world of a difference. I can actually complete a full flight with my MD-11 and not be scared to open a menu or pan around in spot view LOL. Thank you so much *******.
  8. Is it almost safe to say that running FSX in Windows XP x64 will significantly reduce or just about end most the problems we see with running Vista or 7? I see that the ones that are running XPx64 aren't upset with whats been happening to the other users.
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