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  1. All I have In speech properties is text to speech .I don't have the speech recognition .I did use maadog worked fine and I went to use this morning and no go. Window 10
  2. LOVE IT ALL! You guys are the KING OF KINGS .Nice modelling on swaying engines. TONY FORRESTER
  3. Sorry I may have mislead you. I dont have the rebooted just the emergency for fsx and there is no option for P3d in 737 fs2crew.
  4. Hi, just upgraded to P3d and will be purchasing PMDG 737 and 777 for this sim.I already have the FSX versions and the Fs2crew 737 emergency and 777.My question is do I have re-purchase(rebooted) the Fs2crew products to operate in P3d?
  5. Yeh good luck fixing it through Carenardo.Its been 2 month and I still have not a fix from them .NEVER AGAIN will I buy a Carenardo product
  6. I have just purchase the citation and the navigragh data base, love the plane without the navigragh data base however with it install the plane is un-flyable due to the nav data trying to update and causing low frame rates. I let it update and 50min latter it was only 22%. I have contacted Carenardo and got a response that had nothing to do with my issue. Some v-pilots are able to use the both together as I have research my problem, while others like myself are stuck with a program that doesn't work. Any help would be great. Frester.
  7. Thank you Tom for sending birthday wishes every year when others who are family didn't.
  8. I have trouble with one word and that is Auto.I have Windows 7 Home Premium,and when I right click on mIc icon as you instruct,nothing happens I have look through speach reconginition and cant duplicate what you do.I had problem with on but I prononce the word as ooon and the program understands me.However if I say idle the text comes up as auto.
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