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  1. Michael, check post #163 in this thread. Jim explained there how to solve a priority problem with gauges.
  2. No, they are Carenado GPS units. The first is used for COM1/NAV1/DME1 and the second is for COM2/NAV2/DME2. I have P3D v3.1. I have extracted C:\Prepar3D v3\gauges\GPS530_3D_PC12.CAB file into C:\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PC12\panel\GPS530_3D_PC12 folder. In this new folder I have edited both GPS_5302.xml and GPS_5302_3D.xml. And renamed original C:\Prepar3D v3\gauges\GPS530_3D_PC12.CAB to C:\Prepar3D v3\gauges\GPS530_3D_PC12.off
  3. Ok, I have managed to fix it. I have changed a code in GPS530_3D_PC12 gauge in both GPS_5302.xml and GPS_5302_3D.xml: NAV DME:1 to NAV DME:2 NAV IDENT:1 to NAV IDENT:2 NAV RADIAL:1 to NAV RADIAL:2 It looks like Carenado forgot to change it when they copied from GPS_530.xml and GPS_530_3D.xml... Now I am happy with PC12 :-)
  4. Hello, great work on this mod, thank you. I have one problem with this plane: There is DME1 on the second GNS where NAV2 is tuned. Is it possible to fix it to show DME1 on the first GNS only and to show DME2 on the second GNS only, please? I would like to see both DME1 and DME2 at the same time.
  5. Compatibility with FSX, please.pavel
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