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  1. Please read the instructions, installation of this file is not a standard drag and drop. You have to modify some things.
  2. Just want to confirm that some controls are not working for me while using A3XX professional files. Landing/Taxi lights don't display properly. APU seems to have issues.
  3. I just purchased it, will verify today @ScotFlieger @GCBraun thanks
  4. Hi, Are there any plans for the Aerosoft A330? Thank you,
  5. simaddons but expect an FSX quality. Their pricing schema is also extremely bad. FSIMSTUDIOS got a pretty good scenery for Calgary.
  6. Was mid flight. Restarted it it updated, the lights are all lined up. I'll keep a look out for the behavior. Thanks lots for the hard work.
  7. It shows "15" on runway, and yes I have anchorage professional
  8. It was originally Polar/DHL but logos were removed as the operator status was transferred to Atlas.
  9. Strobes are active yet you can see on the screenshot they are not working. (I am also not able to text them when they are active)
  10. And more ... digging. Clearly not aligned but I assume this is due to wingflex / lights being statuc. Kind of strange as on takeoffs there will be more wing flex.
  11. Did some more digging. Appears that the Immersion Manager randomly decided to not use effects. I've figured green dog means the option is active. But it doesnt seem to work, my storbes and beacon show that they are active but they are flashing just like regulars. During fog taxi, nothing else was green. Takeoff in rain and fog same story, no "green" effects.
  12. Made the purchase, with everyone off parked at the gate did some test of effects thought VFX central. Planned the flight, went for pushback. Turned things, on, started moving. None of the effects work with 747. As you can tell by the screenshots, its raining and im flying through fog. Tried: Disabling and enabling effects. Disabling and enabling detailed precipitation Special effects are all maxed out. Note: Eventhought I had precipitFX installed. It never worked with 747, I assumed that it was all about immersion packages (forcing us to buy) I was wrong.
  13. I dont think so. Considering it is unique I might be creating one.
  14. So why have speed constraints then if you just plan on slowing down to approach speeds after 10k 😛
  15. Is there a way to update RAAS, on runway 15 @ anchorage I get "approaching runway 1 4" Thanks
  16. Yea but what happens lets say I have 40 miles to airport, every 10 miles it got from 240/7000 220/5000 200/4000 170/2000..... As Soon As I pass 10000ft it will want to decel to 170 the second I start lowering flaps. It will ignore other constraints no matter how far I'm from the airport. Doesn't seem right.
  17. Correction to this. Airplane still want to go to approach speed below 10000ft the second I start using flaps. Does not follow constraints
  18. Hi, I've re-applied all the effects after the install of the 747-8, but for some reason nothing is present. Jetwash, wheels in water..... in the rain the plane behaves like in a dry Any suggestions what I could be doing wrong? THanks,
  19. When I am on descent below 10000 flying -8, aircraft does not follow speed constraints, it just want to slow down to final approach speed. This was not the case with -400. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thanks. Konstantin
  20. You guys seem to be brave, anyone taking on the Cargolux Cutaway livery? 😈😈
  21. Well, everything in the screenshot is alphabetic/numeric guys, so you can rule rule out 757 - 787. My bet is on the MAX, possibly BBJ.
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