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  1. I just checked. With Norton 360 you can permanently disable auto protect.
  2. I’m using the paid version of malwarebytes which allows me to simply close it before I start the sim. Wrt Norton 360 I have all functions loaded up on every startup however I simply stop the auto protect before I start the sim. This prevents it scanning my sim stuff while I’m using it ( I know there’s an option to exclude folders etc from Norton but I just disable it while I’m simming since I’m not doing anything otherwise which may leave me vulnerable to viruses )
  3. I am currently using Windows 7 Pro with P3d 4.5 with no problems. Other addons include active sky, pfpx, fs2crew, gsx l2, ultimate traffic live v1 and 2, tons of sceneries and aircraft from pmdg, Leonardo majestic etc. YouTube works well and there’s nothing I can’t do in 7 that I do on my 10 systems, except a maybe run dx12 software. I use Norton 360 and malwarebytes to make up for Microsoft not providing any more security updates.
  4. The reviews so far have been mostly positive which is encouraging however after watching a startup video I noticed the aircraft still suffers from CS's "explosive" EGT startup, which has me worried about their engine simulation. Coupled with PW's use of EPR to set power (which are notoriously inaccurate for CS's aircraft), I was wondering if anyone has tested the engine performance specs against the book to see its accuracy.
  5. Sounds promising indeed! It's good you compared it with the PMDG's as I also fly them and base the depth of system simulations of other addons on them.
  6. Correct. I own a few of CS's birds (B732, B721/2 and L1011) and although they look great and visually add to the immersion, their lack of systems and performance simulations totally destroy the enjoyment as well as discourage you from "investing" your time simulating a flight with their aircraft, especially when there are others on the market which does (although not the same aircraft type). Aspects of the aircraft which appeal to me most are the flight path calculations and tracking, fluid simulations (oil temps and pressures, fuel temps, air conditioning and pressurization, and all of the effects of the current environment on them), engine performance and fuel burn to specs, and last but not least electrical simulations. I don't think that's asking the impossible since a lot of other devs program such features to some degree into their aircraft, which is why I'm not opposed to the price they are asking, just once it's not one of their "usual"releases. For those brave ones who did purchase this software, some feedback on the accuracy of the behind-the-scenes simulations would be greatly welcomed for the rest of us who are interested but cautious.
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