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  1. I know, it's just a "quickfix" but according to Ryan all should work. And It is only the middle mouse button not working for me, even when using Ryan's own files directly in my own sim. I will of course also ask the producer to implement native functionality 🙂
  2. I'll have to check back on this in a couple of weeks. At work out at sea now. But yes, certain of AVGAS and version 2.5.3. If anyone else sees this feel free to chime in 🙂
  3. I've been trying this out in A2A C182, with mixed results. Using both the GTN's I get most of it to work, except the "push middle button" for the push buttons on volume, and frequency knobs. Scrolling the mouse wheel work for changing frequency and volume. Anyone else had this issue with the gauge? I have added the gauge to only the first VC section in panel.cfg. Using 8800 as setting. Another thing I found is that left and right clicking or scrolling to change frequencies and volume was that the logic is inverted as regard to how the 3d buttons work/are animated. This was easily fixed by flipping the code in the xml file, for button 2 and 3 as well as page Inc/Dec and group inc/Dec. (and no, middle mouse was not working before I did this code swap 😛 ) I have tried the latest gauge file from Ryan, as well as his personal xml and .ini file with no luck.
  4. Bumping this thread: For us who use vPilot this is from the vPilot documentation, http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Documentation2.aspx#transponder: And from the older squawkbox documentation for FSUIPC offsets, http://www.squawkbox.ca/doc/sdk/fsuipc.php: And for my A2A aircraft which don't have squawkbox integration built in I use a LUA script found on the web: function sqmode(varname, value) avi_swtch = ipc.readLvar("AvionicsElecPower") if avi_swtch==1 and (value==4 or value==3) then --squawk mode charlie ipc.writeSB(0x7B91, 0) else --squawk mode stand by ipc.writeSB(0x7B91, 1) end --else --squawk mode stand by --ipc.writeSB(0x7B91, 1) --end end function sqident(varname, value) if value==1 then --squawk ident ipc.writeSB(0x7b93, 1) end end event.Lvar("L:xpdr_onoff_knob_pos", 500,"sqmode") event.Lvar("L:xpdr_ident_button", 500,"sqident") The question for RXP is then: Are there any variables in the GTN that can be used to implement this functionality, or update the LUA script? Otherwise, would it be very problematic to implement the variables, or make the software write the SB values? As you can see from the SB documentation there is also an offset for flashing the Ident light to simulate radars interrogating the transponder, (not sure if this is implemented in vPilot, but I see in the GTN manual that there is a rxp varable for this already 🙂 )
  5. Hello, I'm still getting the fuel flow error mentioned in this thread. Using A2A C182, AVGAS and Shadin selected. 😕 (Should maybe made an separate thread, but previously this was mentioned in release thread.)
  6. I suggest you take this question over to the X-Plane part of the RXP forums 😊 Think you'll find more X-Plane users there 😉
  7. Not sure I understood your post. Is this a response to mine? If so I'm not following you, is Sat/Ground based augmentation an equivalent to what I'm asking? Or is it a additional request to PMDG? :)
  8. A question that have been popping up now and then, and one I am eager to know is; "will pmdg update the fmc's to be able to do RF legs (radius to fix), and otherwise up to Airinc 424 standards?". Navigraph has already stated that they can deliver the data, if addon publishers require it :) @rsrandazzo@scandinavian13
  9. Don't we already have random failures with the NGX? You can set any number of random failures per x hours. Isn't that what you are asking here?
  10. Artillery officer and Officer of the Watch (Navigation), in the Royal Norwegian Coast Guard
  11. There is a beta-version of the new Norway Mesh X available. The skydrive-link given above here is not valid at the moment as Microsoft has seen fit to block my account for the time being... The mesh is now available from here: http://goo.gl/yKF3UB This new mesh is 10m mesh compiled from some new free data from the norewgian authorities Be aware that there are still some bugs along the norwegian border to neighboring countries. There is also pretty steep slopes around some of Andrew's (Loke) Airports of Norway.
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