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    USA, Ohio under the aproach paths for KCLE, KACK and KBJJ
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    Becoming a pilot. Building a computer to replace my old overheating excuse for a laptop. Operating pro audio. Music and playing guitar.

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    I'm an avid guitar player, I run and set up Pro Audio equipment for my church, I'm also a semi-avid console gamer and I enjoy listening to rock, hard rock and metal.
  1. Since I ended up having to reinstall due to a boot loader issue with Ubuntu I decided to go ahead and do FSXMark11...And my frame rates aren't really a surprise, though I was actually expecting my average FPS to be less than 2 EDIT: One thing I just realized is that I forgot to re-enable the Pagefile before running the test...
  2. DST for the USA starts tonight...

  3. 14, gonna be 15 in 4 months. Been flying FS for almost a year and a half.
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