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    USA, Ohio under the aproach paths for KCLE, KACK and KBJJ
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    Becoming a pilot. Building a computer to replace my old overheating excuse for a laptop. Operating pro audio. Music and playing guitar.

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    I'm an avid guitar player, I run and set up Pro Audio equipment for my church, I'm also a semi-avid console gamer and I enjoy listening to rock, hard rock and metal.
  1. Since I ended up having to reinstall due to a boot loader issue with Ubuntu I decided to go ahead and do FSXMark11...And my frame rates aren't really a surprise, though I was actually expecting my average FPS to be less than 2 EDIT: One thing I just realized is that I forgot to re-enable the Pagefile before running the test...
  2. DST for the USA starts tonight...

  3. Well, here's my laptop...There's not much to show really.Word of advice: Never laptop with out some form of aggressive cooling for it.Sorry for the bad quality; the camera's not that great.
  4. thunderbolt294

    Your age?

    14, gonna be 15 in 4 months. Been flying FS for almost a year and a half.
  5. And don't for get to update the Shader Cache, basically change SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=9872430 to SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=1 and count up from there.
  6. Erm, Vista/7 path: C:\Users\[user name]\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\FSXXP path: C:\Users\Documents and settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX (can any XP users correct me on the Shader Cache path)
  7. A quick quote from the read me. Important info is bolded out in the quote.
  8. Did you ad ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 in the [Display] section of the FSX.cfg?
  9. Is an integrated Redeon 3100 low enough? The card is DX10 capable, but I get lower perf for the same settings, and with plenty of stutters. With SM2 DX9 I get the highest frame rates, SM3 I get a bit lower but with no stutters and I can run with slightly higher settings than SM2. And do get the grid lines with the water, but something that does "remedy" the affect a bit is changing <fWaveBumpUVScale>9.500</fWaveBumpUVScale> to <fWaveBumpUVScale>9.000</fWaveBumpUVScale> it might reduce the perf hit on the horizon with ATI cards.
  10. The link is in bojote's sig, the end of the red text. "You can download my latest add-ons & mods from the AVSIM Library here" (The underlined text in the quote is just that, underlined. In bojote's sig the underlined is the library link.)
  11. It is possible to, just you need to add the recompile code // ------- 3.0 ----------float4 Water30PS(VSWATER20_OUTPUT Input) : COLOR{ return Water20PS(Input,true);}// ------- 2.0 ----------float4 Water20PS(VSWATER20_OUTPUT Input) : COLOR{ return Water20PS(Input,false);}// ------ VS 2.0 ------VSWATER20_OUTPUT Water20VS(VSWATER20_INPUT Input){ return Water20VS(Input,false);}// ------ VS 3.0 ------VSWATER20_OUTPUT Water30VS(VSWATER20_INPUT Input){ return Water20VS(Input,true);} to the end of the shader file in a text editor. A warning though; graphical errors with the water are inevitable with the SM2 code.
  12. I personally never use the Shader 1.0 water as I see no improvement in frame rates (I think I actually see less :( ,) so I always run with the water at 2xMid (for high altitude flying) or 2xMax (Normal setting), I also normally run with max cloud density and 60 mile draw distance, and I have a WAY less powerful system than everyone else. I'm using the FSX config tweaks (except the affinity mask and buffer pools.)
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