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  1. You're right , after some research , now i see the problem has nothing to do with flight simulator. It must be a graphic card thing . Still i'm only getting this pixelation in dark areas of photos or videos , hence why , i only noticed it happening at night in fs. Also reading here ,the fact i have a 15.6 inch screen and 1366x768 of resolution , doesn't go well. Best
  2. Hello fellow simmers . I'm having this weird problem on my fs . I have this shimmering flickering noticeable at night , mainly on clouds and tarmac , or lights like i'm showing in the screenshot below. Please tell me if you can see it on the jpeg file below. It resembles the flickering of a TV when it has no image , all those white and black little dots. Never seen this before. I have a ATI radeon r5 graphics laptop card , tried to mess with AA , filtering , mip mapping , nothing worked. Updated to last drivers as well. thank you very much
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