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  1. Was referring to this more specifically : (he also redirects to another more general answer from Mr. Randazzo in this post) The licensing aspect in P3D has been the very first hurdle that kept PMDG from developing for it initially, so saying that's the first time you heard of it sounds a bit strange. And therefore I said that this could be a reason aside from the business aspect, the sales figures being the main reason I guess...
  2. Would pay in advance whatever the selling price... The problem, from what I understood, is actually about the licensing in P3D which seems to prevent PMDG from developing it (aside from the business aspect) It won't happen, I accepted this a long time ago... There is a developper for XP11 who is planning to make this bird though :)
  3. Although the topic has fallen into the "mine is better than yours" sphere I still wanted to add my honest thoughts about the matter. Since my last post on this topic I still did not buy the QoTS V3 because I want to know what the possible 64bit upgrade of P3D will have to offer exactly and, yes, at some point I really would like to be able to tell a final goodbye to P3D. Why? simply because it's old, expensive and keeps you from updating very simple things like graphics card drivers or I will have to cope with showstoppers like VAS depletion. In a way XP11 is such a breath of fresh air. When preparing your trip you just fill in your flight plan and, if you just feel like it, enter both SID and STAR (including runways) even before starting your checklists... seems so obvious yet these are the things I never do since the last 3 years or so without keeping a stressed eye on my VAS counter for the next 30 minutes in order to check whether or not I triggered some unexplainable memory operation which basically ruins the whole experience.(sorry for the very long phrase !) Do I think XP11 is perfect? Absolutely not. Actually I was surprised to see it being officially released so soon because I really thought it still needed a lot of polishing up. I think that even the most developers where a bit surprised because a lot of addons had to kind of push out patches really quickly to temporarily address only the most obvious glitches in their products. The plugins philosophy is also something I am not that fond of. Coming from a P3D setup where everything (wxr engine, radio, IVAO client, etc...) is run on a networked PC, having to come back to a setup where everything has to run on the Simulator PC is actually very hard to accept... strangely enough. Honestly it is very difficult to try and step away from a sim I have been using for 10 years now (I know that is not even that long...). I feel like I know it inside out (been through the whole FSX tweaking history). Bottom line, the main reasons which made me look elsewhere where the many technical issues really feeding me up to a point where I wondered why I was still coping with it and most important of all, I was paying for it... imho XP11 really needs to evolve and I am still afraid that without a bigger user base (read "higher potential to attract more developers, bringing their creativity and know-how") it will never really get the chance to reach that point where I can really ditch P3D totally... Again thoughts of a random customer A nice day to all of you.
  4. Make a system restore to the point before the installation of the updates? I think this is the best way to determine if your issues are effectively due to the MS updates. Good luck
  5. Let's be honest, the only reason why P3D has been able to sort of take over a lot of FSX simmers (that includes myself) is the fact that the vast majority of addons are almost fully cross compatible (unless some developer tricks in order to block this...). If X-Plane had only half of the FSX/P3D user base all the so called limitations/issues/shortcomings/etc... would almost magically get fixes/workarounds because only then would the profitability justify the research costs... that is the law of a developer's business model. FSX/P3D as an engine might be so old it hurts your eyes after 1 week of X-planing, as long as the user base is sitting on that side, that is where the developers will put their effort. Honestly I can't blame them for that... I installed the X-plane 11 demo about 2 months ago and after 2 days I bought the license as I was literally blown away by it. In the mean time a bought a couple of tubeliners (jardesign, flightfactor,IXEG) and the Xenviro weather engine. It takes only hours to realise how far ahead this sim is when compared to P3D, but again as I said in the first part of my post, that actually doesn't really matter from a developer's business point of view. Anyway, I am not investing any money in P3D (including the 747 v3) until at least the end of the X-plane 11 beta (still months out I guess) and probably not before there is more information about P3D V4. As I expect only a mere conversion to 64bit without any actual technological (graphical) innovation, I will probably fully switch to X-Plane 11 by then (even if that means losing access to addons by PMDG) just the opinion of a random customer. bye for now.
  6. I had updated to 378.49 (24jan2017) and reverted back to 376.33 (14dec2016). After that my VAS leak was gone. Hope this info is useful to anyone.
  7. I can confirm this issue. Last week I suddenly had the VAS leaking like hell (also with Aerosoft's A320 for instance) making a 3 hour flight the absolute maximum. Turned out I had indeed updated my nvidia drivers to the latest version (jan24th iirc). I just re-downloaded the previous one (somewhere december 2016) uninstalled the latest one followed by driver sweeper and made a clean install of the downloaded nvidia driver. It solved the leaking for me. YMMV
  8. I did not read the entire thread (although I've been following it since last November), but I can say that not only approach procedures containing 'intercept radial XXX to FIX' do bring the VAS leak. Also SID's containing it will OOM after 10-11 hours flight after a long and steady VAS leak. As an example try KDFW-VHHH out of either 17C-17R-18L-18R via LOWGN7 SID (do not enter any arrival/approach procedure for VHHH). Same VAS leak will be observed. I had no problem not entering approach into FMC before T/D (that was the first workaround advised by PMDG), but not being able to use any SID containing that intercept radial to fix thingy is another problem far less ignorable than the first one. just my 2 cents, Happy flying!
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