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  1. That's ok, the money set aside for purchase of said project has been sidetracked to other developers and may not reappear. But hey, that's business. Steve McLaren
  2. "wondering if you could go straight from FSX:SE to P4D " Ha ha ha ha ha FSX to P3D is full price (same product). Luckily it's not the 777 you're after: we're talking BIG dollars there. Most updates are free though Steve McLaren
  3. I've been saving my $'s in anticipation of the Prepar3D version of my beloved J41. Been missing it since leaving FSX a few years ago. Release day purchase for sure. Ready to pay for it, again. Cheers. Steve McLaren
  4. "Do we have any discount when already possessing aircrafts for FSX?" Apparently the issue is a licensing one which, as it happens, can be solved for the miserly sum of $1. Instead your loyalty is rewarded by full payment. So, suck it up and pay twice Steve McLaren P.S. Discussion of pricing is taboo here so this thread will be outlawed shortly
  5. To be clear, I'm not having a go. Near perfection takes time. I just love when people think PMDG Beta testing is 'close' to release. We'll be rewarded, I'm sure, when the time comes. Steve McLaren
  6. To the FS2Crew gang, Thanks again for the wonderful button edition. I use it just about every second day (the other day is on the NGX). I hope it's generated the right amount of interest and customers to justify its creation. Splendid job. Cheers
  7. Great news. Credit card is ready! Thanks Bryan Steve Mac
  8. Where's the update that allows me to use my 777 from FSX in P3D without forking out an additional $135? Steve McLaren P.S. @*&^/$! awesome product though (finish on a high). Thanks Kyle
  9. Seems v2 of the piston Duke works quite well in P3D v3
  10. Gday all I had the no click spots issue (not all switches/knobs, about half I reckon)in both 2d and vc after uninstalling the 737 from P3D v2 and downloading/installing the new version for P3D v3. I followed the readme, even down to installing the simconnect.msi's. Still no click spots. It occurred to me it might be a registry issue since during install I had to move the prepar3d.exe from the v2 root folder for the installer to find v3 (I've still got v2 installed until I have v3 fully up & running). So I ran CCleaner to scan for registry issues, selected fix all, then reboot. All good! Everything works. Thanks PMDG for a swift transition to v3 and great support. Cheers Steve McLaren
  11. So disappointing but it is what it is. After figuring out how best to utilise FS2Crew with the NGX I was hoping to gain the same sort of immersion with the Dash8. Voice control simply isn't possible for me due to noise constraints. Hope this doesn't lead to other products being solely voice control. Fantastic product line though. Keep up the great work. Steve Mac
  12. HS 748Cessna 172Cessna 152 ***Cessna U206 (Floats) ***C-130HC-130JDHC-4 CaribouTwin OtterSAAB 340Dash 8BAe 146727-100737-400737-700747-400777-200A380A320Pitts SpecialUH-1HS70 BlackhawkF/A-18 (x2) ***Doesn't seem like much when you list them allSteve McLaren
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