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  1. Sigmar

    Official PMDG DC-6 Livery List [UPDATED]

    Hi, for those who want absolute accuracy in their liveries: The DC-6B of the Flying Bulls, home-based at Salzburg, Austria (ICAO: LOWS, IATA: SZG), has been re-registered from the US to Austria. The old registration was N996DM, the current one is OE-LDM. (In both regs the final letters "DM" were/are personalised and stand for Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of the Red Bull companies and sponsor of the Flying Bulls.) See Sigmar (LOWL)
  2. Hi everybody, good (long term) news since I just discontinued using FSX for good and changed over to X-Plane 10.30 (64 bit). I did enjoy sim-flying PMDGs products but FSX as a platform has reached the end of its lifetime. I've had enough fighting its many bugs ... For now I shall fly KingAir, CRJ, 757 and PSX (the successor of my old favourite 747 sim, coupled to X-Plane) until 737NGX and 777 become available for X-Plane. Happy landings Sigmar (LOWL/LNZ, Austria)
  3. Sigmar

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Hi, fellow simpilots,as an Austrian I cannot help sharing some images of the DC6B of the Flying Bulls with you. Check out their website and see their fleet (includes a B25, as well as an F4U Corsair and a P38!). The following images were taken in 2005 and 2009 at the traditional "AirPower" show, held at Zeltweg Airbase (LOXZ) every other year. Enjoy (just in case someone needs some inspiration for a livery...)Sigmar Stadlmeier(home-based at LOWL & occasional visitor to LOWS, where the Bulls are based)
  4. Here are the results, ladies and gentlemen, and they are remarkable ... disabled the sound chip on the ASUS P7P55D board, and replaced it by a cheap Terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI sound card ... and NO ISSUES AT ALL, not even with the PMDG MD11 which I reactivated just to test it with this setup. The issue is definitely with the interaction of the graphics card (in my case, nVidia GTX275) and the mainboard hardware. Even standard keyboard commands such as CTRL-TAB work now as they were supposed to - How come that one of the major software developers produces a sim, how come that one of the major developers of payware add-ons, developes pieces of high-end software which definitely malfunction when run on state-of-the art-mainboards, sold by the thousands to paying customers?! Where are the beta testers here?! Anyway, FSX now works, even with LevelD767 and PMDG MD11 (and always did with PMDG 744X), under the setup described above. Half a year of agony and wasted time has come to a good end. I hope this is useful to some fellow simmer.Yours respectfullyDr. Sigmar Stadlmeier
  5. I stand corrected again ... just managed to reproduce the problem with the SimCheck A300 on a trip LSZH-LGRP (Zurich-Rhodos). FSX hung over Northern Italy, I had to go to the task manager by hitting CTRL ALT DEL, closed down a few processes, including one which was related to sound ... and FSX came back to life and continued, although without sound. Again: The problem was most likely to occur with the PMDG MD11, occasionally with LevelD767, very rarely with SimCheck A300 and - amazingly - still never with the Queen, PMDG 744X. The problem sure is sound-related, and some aircraft are more likely to run into it than others. Next I shall try to 1) identify the process responsible for the problem and 2) try to disable the (rather high-end) on-board sound and run FSX on a cheap soundcard in telephone quality. Will report back when results are available.Sigmar Stadlmeier
  6. Well, it does make sense to me now ... PHNL-KSFO with the A300 on the same settings, and no issues at all again. This proves that the LevelD767 is not up to W7 64bit ... deleted. That's it, no further comment required.
  7. Was good for the SimCheck A300, but LevelD767 hung with these settings after 2.5 hrs. Changed sound back to 0, picked the Queen PMDG 744F (FedEx), KSFO-PHNL, not even using DX10 preview but standard DX9, 4:45 over open water, far away from any tower (view) ... and not even a hiccup. Enjoyed 50-60 fps all the way to Hawaii, and a great landing on RWY 08L.(a very happy) Sigmar Stadlmeier(Does this make any sense to anybody here?)
  8. Sound=1, bufferpools reject = 512K. SimCheck A300 B2/B4 cargo (DHL), EDDK-GCLP (=Cologne to Canary Islands), 4+ hrs and long overwater legs, no problems at all... looks very good indeed.Sigmar Stadlmeier
  9. Hi Owen,the problem seems to be that there is no uniform answer, as any system is unique ... I am still experimenting with various options but this particular combination has indeed increased system stability for me. Next step will be to go to a 512 K reject threshold, reduce sound quality to 0 (will give all kinds of clicking/cracking sounds which poor radios will produce in reality...) and try a transatlantic leg with LevelD767 (not the Queen, as she will make it anyway under DX10). Then I shall know... (and report, of course.)Sigmar Stadlmeier
  10. Similarly, EGKK-LPMA with LevelD767, 2 long overwater legs, total trip time 3 hrs, rock stable (plus the thrill of a manual VFR landing at LPMA).Sigmar
  11. Just did the same flight with the PA31 (LOWL-LFKB), same route, same flightplan, same load, same weather ... and she made it.Sigmar
  12. To begin with, I really appreciate this very professional approach, exploring limits (read: faults) of FSX rather than insisting on one's own perfect product - if the platform it uses is corrupted, one will not be able to enjoy its perfection. You may remember my fruitless efforts with MD11... I believe the sound issue to be on the right track, as only yesterday FSX terminated (CTD, but no BSOD) after textures missing, reappearing, missing again, sound off, back on, back off again and --> CTD, all this with Digital Aviation's Cheyenne (PA31 family), which, too, uses its own sound (panels and engine). First time ever the PA31 CTD'ed. PMDG744X (not 747-8) still never did so far, LevelD767 did so occasionally, and so did SimCheck A300. I do have an ASUS P7P55D motherboard and cannot set sound quality below "CD" level (16 bit, 44100 = lowest possible setting) but I have reduced sound quality to "1" in FSX.cfg (was at "2"), added a [bUFFERPOOLS] section with a reject threshold of 256K and a size of 2M and will try again and continue to report results.System: ASUS P7P55D, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Home 64 bitGraphics nVidia GTX 275Saitek Yoke, Throttle Quadrant and PedalsFSX SP21. Have you ever seen this issue happen with the PMDG J41?No, never.2. Have you ever seen this happen in Windows XP (32 or 64-bit)?No (was using FS9 on XP32 on a different machine -- never any problem whatsoever with LevelD767, PMDG 737, PMDG 747, ..., ... Should have stuck to it, I guess.)3. Have you ever seen anything like this happen in FS9?Nothing whatsoever (see above - again: was a different machine).4. Have you ever seen this happen with a default aircraft or other aircraft you know to not be using custom sound?Not while flying FSX standard aircraft - but never did so for more than an hour, and that was the Grumman flying boat. All third party add-on aircraft I still use do use custom sound.5. Can you reproduce the issue on a completely clean