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  1. Hi Nico, please add these ICAO codes: BXR - Redding aero enterprises DER - Deer Jet JMA - Jambojet Thanks a lot
  2. Hi Nico, new ICAO: GWR - Gowair Vaction airlines Thanks
  3. Hi Nico other 2 icao missing: DEJ - Dana Executive Jets MLT - Maleth-Aero Thanks a lot
  4. ok thanks
  5. Hi Nico! Taron Avia - TRV Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi Nico here's another ICAO missing: VPE Viva Air Perù thanks for your work!
  7. Add new icao code: CBG - GX airlines Thanks
  8. Hi nico here others ICAO code put in the next upgrade: AEG - AIREST EKG - AFRIC AVIATION Bye!
  9. Hi Nico, here 5 icao code of missing liveries. SEP - SERENE AIR SGQ - SAUDIGULF SQM - SIAM AIR TFX - TOLL PRIORITY TRQ - TARCO AIR I've a question about PSX. I've found very good the possibility to put the icao code of the arrival airport, so this one appears well populated with real arrived aircraft giving more realism. My question is: is there the possibility to insert the departure icao code of the airport, so it can download the aircraft landed within the 30 minutes before and giving better population of real aircraft landed? Last thing. I've downloaded V 7.4, but the antivirus blocks it saying it's a malware. Anyone has had this problem?
  10. Sorry, try to explain better. As you can see, the description of every aircraft is not the same of earch other, for model, type ecc. Es. The first one is A320 and stop, below appears A320-200. Then some 737-700, other one is 737-300 winglet, another one is 737-300 logolight. Some has the "boeing" word before the model, others no. These descriptions I'd like to modify I'd like to have the same description of each aircraft, so my question is what line I've to re-write in the fltsim? Title?, Description? Is a combination of different lines? If yes, whats? Thanks for the help
  11. Hi again, I've a question I'm sure you can gimme an answer. What line I've to look at for having the same description of the aircraft, or company as I've indicated in the rectangular? Many thanks
  12. OMG, I've noticed I've put all the atc ids of an aircraft company in the sim line! Here the problem!!!! Didn't notice! Thanks for the help
  13. Hi Nico, I ask you a help to identify what's wrong in this aircraft.cfg: The aircraft is the Boeing 717. General section. [General] atc_type=BOEING atc_model=717 editable=1 visual_damage=1 performance=Only experienced AI pilots should attempt to fly this aircraft. If I set the atc_model 712, the VMR says invalid aircraft code in the txt. If I set the atc_model 717, the VMR block itself ad apperas this message in the bottom: invalid char filename argument What to do? Thanks
  14. Taken a look at the log file: AWESOME!!! found several non-consecutive fltsim. Correct and voilà, liveries jumped high!!! I take the opportunity to report these icao to be included in the next upgrade: Air Peace icao code: APK Air Indus icao code: MPK Thanks Nico
  15. Thanks Nico I'll take a look at the log file.