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  1. Thanks for posting some real world photos LOL, what are you actually trying to prove with them though LOL?
  2. The way this has been built up with all the hype and release of release dates of release dates that will release release dates, this thing had better be something very special and lightyears ahead of what others have already done.
  3. Yeah I'd also love to know the differences between the WT/Kuro one and the PMDG one.
  4. I Also have this problem, I have no solution yet. it did work but then suddenly stopped.
  5. I'm a PMDG fan, I love the 737, but I'm also getting tired of the way PMDG does things and agree that they are quickly finding themselves behind the curve. Yes the technology they are using behind the scenes to make it all happen might be innovative... great, but they arwnt the only ones developing aircraft for MSFS, as others have mentioned there's other developers both freeware and payware that have outdone PMDG. It astounds me how some companies have been able to implement features that the oh so innovative PMDG just can't.
  6. I don't think how they respond is what matters most to those who had their data leaked. Yeah we are all humans and make mistakes but when you're handling people's personal details there isn't really room for mistakes.
  7. Nope, learned my lesson about pre buying flightsim stuff with the Milviz/blackbird kingair. Never again
  8. I see a lot of people referencing the INOP sticker above the TERR button, I think you'll find this INOP sticker is actually for the ADF2 and not the TERR button. EDIT: apologies it hasn't been mentioned in this post but I have seen it mentioned around the place
  9. I also don't get why you wouldn't just use Liveatc.net
  10. I also have to agree. I've been simming since the late 90's. I was there when Orbx as it came to be known came to life back when they released their first products as freeware, back in the ozx days. I have loved the work that comes out of that company, but sadly, I agree since John stepped down and in the last 12-24 months they just haven't been the same company. There was a number of things I read in that post from Anna that raised concerns. But none more than when she referred to the interior modelling thing as a "fad". Now I don't care too much for interior modelling, but in saying that, a "fad" in Aussie language is usually used when referring to something that is popular at the moment but generally won't last. She's right in saying it's a "fad" but I just don't think it's the best message coming from the head of the company, she just didn't seem behind the idea. She essentially said "we are happy producing stuff that will get us quick dollars, because it's the in thing". I was really put off by this part of her post. At least pretend to be behind the idea for your companies sake. Another thing that caught my attention was her comment about them releasing their first aircraft in 2021, the Edgley Optica. Umm what about the Lancair Legacy that was released years ago and I'm pretty sure there was a CT4 in there somewhere? The Optica is not their first aircraft, shouldn't a company head know these things? The next thing was the comparison with netflix. basically saying "buy it now or wait and get it for free I don't care". I accept that but is this the message John would have put out there? I doubt it! I was just really disappointed with the post, not because I didn't see what I wanted, I seen VTSP which I can't wait to get my hands on but as I said ever since John stepped down it's just..... not the same. It's just a reseller now. I was also very shocked at the move to close the support forums and make them read only, leaving you with nothing but a ticket system for support. If your try and post support questions in the main forum you'll soon have you post deleted I would imagine. As you can see by my post count, I don't post a lot. So this is something I feel strongly about and really concerns me. This person is a bean counter and that's all. Her profile here https://orbx.group/team/ says it all.
  11. Milviz......... Lol they took how long to get a Kingair out to us?
  12. unfortunately I've tried the above and still have the same issue. I'm not getting any error messages either. I've done some investigation and found that the files are vertically around the wrong way. I found this by taking the DDS files running them through ImageTool from the P#D SDK and converting them to a bmp, then in photoshop I was able to flip them vertically. I run them back through ImageTool to convert back to DDS and sure enough they appear perfectly back in Flightsim. According to the guys at AIG there is a process called vflip in texconv which I found out should flip the textures the right way. But my question is why is this not working for me. They have suggested maybe something is blocking texconv from running but I cannot for the life of me find anything that is blocking it. This is soo disappointing since the models and textures look beautiful when they are working but I'm almost at the point of abandoning AIG OCI until something more solid and easier to setup comes out.
  13. Hi Everyone, Has any one suffered the problem or know how to fix it whereby all the airlines I install using AIG OCI the textures are either mixed up or inverted. some of the things I've tried are below. I'm trying to do this with PSX, I don't believe it's the culprit though since I get the same results using MSFS inbuilt AI traffic generator system. I've set both AIG Manager and TexConv to run as Administrator and I'm still having the same problem. This is soo frustrating, I have even deleted everything related to AIG on my PC and done a fresh download with Antivirus disabled and still have the same issue. I've tried re-installing Flight sim all with the same problem. I've posted over at the AIG forum with little luck so far. Here's a link to the topic over at AIG with pics and logs https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=38287.0 Regards, Matt
  14. Are you serious? They had an accident in the aerostar and the first thing people worry about is whether a simulated version for a game will be delayed... unreal.
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