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  1. Are you serious? They had an accident in the aerostar and the first thing people worry about is whether a simulated version for a game will be delayed... unreal.
  2. I've hit a strange problem. When I select the ARR DATA page initially its viewable but as soon as I put in a origin AND destination the next time I select the ARR DATA page (where the vapp and vref data is) the entire FMC goes blank and I'm unable to recover it, the scratch pad works but the remainder of the screen is blank (both sides). Now for something even stranger, the next time I start MSFS with the CJ selected after having this problem, I get most of the way through loading up a flight but then I get a complete blue screen of my entire computer. The only way to break this cycle is to restart the pc after the FMC issue occurs and select a different aircraft initially, load the flight then exit back to the main menu and select the CJ, then it will load. Simply going back to the main menu and selecting another aircraft without restarting the pc does not work, I get a system crash no matter what aircraft is selected. I've tried multiple different airports as origins and destinations and nothing changes it. I've also tried reinstalling the mod but to no avail. This page worked on the latest 0.7 release, I've only hit this problem with the 0.8 beta. The only other mods I have are the Garmin ones from WT and the famous bonanza mod. I also have the Iris Simulations Jabiru Installed. Update: I've removed all other mods and uninstalled the Iris Simulations Jabiru and the problem still persists. I have no other 3rd party add-ons installed. Regards, Matt
  3. What I find "hella annoying" is the amount of negativity and complaining from armchair "experts" on this forum.
  4. What exactly about Steveo do you find "hella annoying"?
  5. I would also like to know if this is possible, Im doubting it.
  6. When I disable Water Surface Tuning tweak Squares go away. Just adding to the list to hopefully help point to a common thing.
  7. I also have this issue. noticed it on the east coast of Australia. I'm using my own custom profile and also notice the blocks go away when I deselect the water surface tweaks. Matt
  8. Hi, I'm considering purchasing Firefighter X, My primary reason is purely so I have a visual depiction of live fires as they occur in the real world while I cruise along my route. Alot of my flying is high altitude up in the FL's. My question is will the fire and smoke etc be visible from such altitudes or do I need to be below a certain height to see the effects? Regards, Matt
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