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  1. "Project Coldfeet: Secret Mission to a Soviet Ice Station" by William Leary and Leonard LeSchack.
  2. "In order to answer that question we have to define the word "leadership". My simple definition of leadership in the context of our hobby is being able and willing to provide guidance and support to other members of our simming community, no matter the forum or location, AVSIM or otherwise. This, of course, is not the entire definition of leadership, nor is it the only one." - I agree with Tom...my only concern is the assumption by some AVSIM members that their posts about topics not related to flight simulation belong on AVSIM. A current post, "Top five bad guys in film" is an example. I think some leadership needs to be applied to remind the community that AVSIM is not a 'post any' information source, unless that is the intent.
  3. I think you added the right amount of "dirt" Ian, it looks realistic.
  4. Steve Stubbs, Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for the liveries you've created for the NGX, including the two below which I've had a lot of fun flying: Thanks again, Pete
  5. Thanks Mr. Stubbs... ...and thank you Mr. Hicks:
  6. You guessed wrong. They are not part of a 'default' livery Steve has, because they, like the new AA livery, are black.
  7. The news reported a few days ago that the American and US Air pilot groups agreed to a plan for combining both groups if a merger happens. Similar talks were mentioned as a possibility between the ground personnel and cabin attendant groups for both airlines.
  8. Thank you for posting the new texture.
  9. I know that you and other NGX repainters could do just as good a job designing a new paint scheme for American than an ad agency could...
  10. Thanks again Steve for the BBJ 600 liveries:
  11. Steve, I've been enjoying the BBJ repaints: Thanks very much. Pete
  12. Steve, I like the brown and tan look, and like how you don't add too much "wear and tear" to your repaints. If you get backlash from the majority of the community and prefer to revert it back to the white base for release, no problem. I'm enjoying the KPHX scenery from Flightbeam. The day time textures are really good, the night time textures are very realistic (flown in the NGX of course!) Thanks for modifying the brown and tan.
  13. Steve, They look excellent. How about a cream or very light tan base for the fuselage on the top version instead of white (if it's possible at this point and of course if it looks appealing)? Is that the new KPHX scenery in the background you were talking about?
  14. Steve, The Peruvian is excellent: Pete
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