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  1. So what's the difference a flaperon and an aerilon?
  2. Good news...although it will probably take a year or two for the product to debut.
  3. "Project Coldfeet: Secret Mission to a Soviet Ice Station" by William Leary and Leonard LeSchack.
  4. I had the same issue and had to paste my serial number a few times to get the activation to work.
  5. For those who are interested, below is a modification I made in the aircraft.cfg file to increase the turn radius of the nose wheel steering. Turns on the ground in the Carenado 850 seem a little wide, although others may think it is fine. In the [contacts_points] section of the config file I changed the value highlighted in red to 58 in the line below (you can adjust the value up or down for more or less steering range): point.0 = 1, 21.52, 0.0, -5.95, 1500, 0, 0.7, 58, 0.45 2.00 0.9, 3, 3, 0, 250, 235 //0.45, 3.0
  6. That's good advice for all who contact Carenado...
  7. Ryan, Thanks for sharing your observations of the Hawker in this forum. They have been helpful and hopefully the developers at Carenado are taking note.
  8. I think they come up because internet forum topics are like conversations...people have them without knowing someone else has deliberated a subject multiple times. Besides a 757, what other aircraft types do you think PMDG would produce as a flight sim?
  9. There's not much left for them to create given their current business philosophy...unless that changes.
  10. They do...maybe you haven't run across any yet. This report transitions from "how" to "why" a helicopter accident occurred when investigators were unable to determine any mechanical or weather related contributions to the accident: http://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/AAB0703.pdf.
  11. It's probably more important at this point to understand why the aircrew shut down (or may have been attempting to restart) an engine during the phase of flight they were in. Was the aircraft not climbing acceptably? Did the crew panic? Who knows...stating that they panicked or all they had to do was to pitch for v2 and fly to a safe altitude is premature.
  12. Could it be possible that the aircraft was not sufficiently climbing to clear obstacles along their flight path and maybe the crew was attempting an engine restart?
  13. It seems odd there is a procedure for shutting down an engine after a losing power in that engine (unless there is an indication of a fire) during the first few minutes of flight.
  14. "In order to answer that question we have to define the word "leadership". My simple definition of leadership in the context of our hobby is being able and willing to provide guidance and support to other members of our simming community, no matter the forum or location, AVSIM or otherwise. This, of course, is not the entire definition of leadership, nor is it the only one." - I agree with Tom...my only concern is the assumption by some AVSIM members that their posts about topics not related to flight simulation belong on AVSIM. A current post, "Top five bad guys in film" is an example. I think some leadership needs to be applied to remind the community that AVSIM is not a 'post any' information source, unless that is the intent.
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