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  1. Peter, Thanks for that info :) I never knew it could be done that way. Jeff Smith
  2. Basically subtract 30 from your current distance to next waypoint and install an along track bearing distance waypoint in the FMC. E.G. 80 miles to run to OSI vortac.... ATC wants me at 8000 feet in 30 miles from current position. 80-30=50. That's the distance from the OSI vor that I should be at 8000 feet. If I'm tracking heading 090, than the bearing from OSI is 270. Enter in the FMC in this format FFFFFRRR/DD Where: FFFFF is the Fix name up to 5 characters RRR is the bearing or radial and must be 3 characters (include leading zero's if any) DD is the distance up to 2 characters example of above scenario. I would enter OSI270/50 as my waypoint to be at 8000 feet. Jeff Smith
  3. Change your Barometer from Inches to Hecto Pascals. You still have to say Altimeter 1013 and NOT QNH as it doesn't recognize QNH. Jeff Smith
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