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  1. I would have been more than happy to run a test with a historical Metar loaded into Opus with the NGX, but considering there are far more knowlegable folks on here than i - maybe they can shed some light on the situation.? I am very reluctant to post anything here anymore though considering the uprising of the forum police - i will investigate and pm you if i find anything of note.
  2. I am sorry - i have removed my signature. good luck finding your answer OP.
  3. unfortunatly the weather radar performs this function/ warning in the real world, and as the NGX has no weather radar this will be highly unlikely. Although thanks for the heads up on Opus Ver 3 - im downloading now :good:
  4. The thing is the current MD11 is a superlative aircraft and can hold its own against the ngx in all departments - sure the textures are not as crisp but as a flying machine it has a special charm to it. yeah i would buy the upgrade in a heartbeat IF PMDG decided to produce a v2 but that is an enourmous IF!
  5. I'm not sure if this thread is serious or just a round about way of bashing PMDG. The op clocked back his cpu which as every serious fsx user knows is the limiting componant. if you clock back your CPU then your whole machine suffers - the data being fed to your graphics card is coming from the CPU what do you think would happen if you clocked back the CPU?. Now onto the point of PMDG's statement of performance. How can PMDG possibly know how each aircraft will perform on a given users machine?. they can only comment on what they are seing on THIER machines, this is without taking into account the changes made to opperating systems over the years,(we were all on xp when the 747x came out) drivers, direct x, .NET the list is endless so comparing 2 peices of software with 5 years in between realease dates is obsurd - even if produced in the same software house Also you have to understand the tools and software used to produce these airliners has changed enourmously since the 747x was released, i mean i was using 3ds max 9 back then, we are now on max2013 (im not going into the differences between max versions - but there are many) Finnally clocking back your cpu( the main limiting factor in FSX and THE single componant that feeds everything else in your entire machine) and then questioning PMDG's word and integrity which as we can all agree has been exemplary over the years smells a little bit fishy and does not sit well with me. there is obviously an ulterior motive to this that the op is not letting on as a little bit of research (or even a simple google) would have answered his concerns regarding the fps drop. sorry if this post appears as an attack but im really struggling to understand the actual motive.
  6. My 777 will be based out of our VA hubs. EGBB/EGCC in the UK and KPIT/KBOS in the US. Although i may lobby for a hub to be opened in Dubai as Dubai x is the perfect partner for a T7
  7. Wow PMDG, the 777 is looking fantastic! . waiting patiently for the roll out.
  8. At the moment i use the +/- keys if im not running EZCA i have the hat on my yoke set to look around though.Have you tried mouse yoke mode to acheive the functionality your looking for? ie right click to bring up the fs menu and selet mouse yoke, im not familier with this mode at all but it may be what the manual is reffering to. which particular panel are you struggling with ? as many have 2d popups that can be brought up via key commands shift+6 for example brings up a 2d overhead.
  9. The mouse wheel is used to rotate switches ect within the VC, im not sure by what you mean by zoom?. If its your view your looking to zoom the + - keys along the number row on the keyboard will "zoom" your view. thats my best guess although im sure someone else on here could shed further light on the situation for you
  10. Yeah thats when i purchased most of my products and i still feel ripped off :LMAO:
  11. Im an owner of products from both companys, and in my humble opinion there is no comparrison - im not bashing one company in perticular each to their own. I too have never understood selling half a plane but again im not in business so what do i know. I have bought both CS and PMDG products and their is only one company that delivers on release day the other requires patch upon patch and even then the "final" product is ground into a fine paste by PMDG's offerings. CS's products are just to buggy and half baked to charge what they do - i mean what version is their 757 on - and it still has issues, i find it funny they comment on level D when their own 757 is still not finnished (thats some development cycle) Now their classic aircraft are much better i must say that Cs does a good job on those - but again they really need to develop a sound department and a QA department patch after patch to fix simple things is not on reallywhen their charging ~£50 for a completed (well CS say its completed in reality its closer to a beta). Now that said i still support both companys its just plainly obvious who is the better company and whos keeps setting the bar again and again. so on the T7 will i buy both ....... no i will never by another modern airliner from CS, i will support their older classics as they have a remote posibility of being fun and actually working as advertised but my T7 will be PMDG which will work as advertised and raise the bar even further than the NGX add in fs2crew .....job done :)
  12. Hi, I have just tried to start Fs2crew for the first time on our Community server and received the SDK error while starting Fs2crew. All works fantastic in free flight and despite following the reccomended setup routine i consistenly get this error while in multiplayer. is there anything specific that i must do to to enable the software for online use. But after teh error the software suggests reporting to these forums for assistance so here i am :) ... Any ideas? Kind Regards
  13. ha ha too true, i learnt that to my dismay last night while chatting on TS my FO interpreted something i said as "Gear down" lol this was at FL330 ~mach.78 :Hypnotized: ooppss
  14. Excellent work Steve. :Party: Seriously jump on this guys myself and Steve flew together down to LEIB last night and had a great time chatting about all things NGX/FS2crew. this really adds something extra to those hours spent at Cruise. comparing flight plans, procedures and stories its all good.
  15. Count me in on this i have just picked up the special bundle on FS2 crew :)
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