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  1. Best post in a long time! My weekend calender has been wiped and creditcard is ready! //Emil Elkjær Nielsen Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  2. As CXA001 said, it depends on your airline. However the code of the ACARS mostly starts an timer to run in the background, and for departed/landing time, it probably just takes from your computer or from another timezone
  3. I think it's dead.... It's so freaking sad if it is :-(
  4. Believe it depends a lot on where you work. Got two cousins flying airliners, the one at Ryanair who flies a lot each week, and the other cousin which flies the 777 at Emirates, but he doesn't fly that much. So as said I believe it depends a lot on which airline and type you're on. :)
  5. I'm not using Accu-Feel for any big jets..But for the G/A and biz-jets it's quite cool! Still... I'm never going to use it for NGX again
  6. QWSIM Bae146/Avro RJAerosoft Airbus X ExtendedAerosoft/DA CRJFSL A320FSDT GSXPMDG 777Majestic Q400FS2Crew for NGXAny 330/340/380 worth buyingSome Gulfstream/Falcon for FSXPFPX
  7. HiEverything works with the NGX until I move my throttle to begin taxiing. This problem have been going on since I had my X52, and havent been a problem with my former joystick.Any suggestions how to fix it? My X52 IS calibrated with FSUIPC
  8. Happy birthday RSR! I hope that you will have a GREAT day with your friends and familly, aswell as the PMDG crew seeing money going onto the business account! :)
  9. I kinda agree and disagree on this one.. It should be an option on the installer, if you wish the ext. or not - Homebuilders doesnt need this However, for us which don't own a homecockpit the ext model is nice to have
  10. I upgraded my comp with a ATI 6950 recently and never experienced a problem?As soon as you have CCC setup correct, FSX runs flawless
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