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  1. Wish we had video tutorials on this stuff.AOA where are you?
  2. TROL! LMAOStupid PMDG, your graphics are too good!I hope the 777 is made of Minecraft blocks and we power it with redstone!
  3. I was not rude to anybody, or did I judge anybody.He asked for help to a problem and I gave him the solution.
  4. Of course I know about hacking, I'm a fricking computer nerd too. I support PMDG 100% and have paid for their product, after a trial period of course.Think of me as the hacker police with inside info not as a hater :)
  5. If it was such an easy fix someone would give out the good dll file as a download. PMDG needs to verify purchase before they fix these kinds of issues.Bad dll files don't just create themselves they are not correctly hacked :( I'll stick with my knowledge.
  6. Step 1) Obtain 70 dollarsStep 2) Purchase the 800/900Step 3) Obtain another 25 dollarsStep 4) Purchase the 600/700
  7. if everyone's dead...who's going to contact maintenance?
  8. Why would Boeing write them in their manual if it wasn't different?
  9. Ok I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with RNAV and VNAV but I followed the tutorial that came with the plane to the "T"It just disarms when i engage TOGOAlso the gear retract sounds only works on take off. Not while your in the air :(
  10. I guess, some are missing the point where, it was automatic, when I first watched a Angle of Attack video on lighting they said the Taxi light turns off when gear is retracted. So i was like cool! I tried it out and to my astonishment it indeed not only shut off visually the switch automatically flicked itself to the off position. I was not dreaming. So again, it was a feature it was working like 2 weeks ago before I updated it or something.
  11. Are there any people that know how to mod the airplane? example add the auto probe heat switch or take away the yaw damper thing a ma bob
  12. It was my understanding that the taxi light will shut off after take off, or landing gear retracts. This happened once that I can remember, the actual toggle switch automatically went to the off position.It's not happening anymore... Any ideas?
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