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  1. When in inside or outside view, hold the right mouse button down and use the mouse to look around. Gets round that problem. Also, you can assign numberpad 0 to 8 (I think it goes to 8) to preset views for each aircraft you fly. Set the view you want by using the cursor left right, up and down keys (NOT the numberpad ones) to move, then use the right click mouselook to angle how you want the view. Hold the CTRL key down then press the 1 key on the numberpad. (Numlock ON) . Do the same for any other view you want to set up. Once you have all the keys assigned, just press the number and it will jump to that view. You can then set joystick buttons with the keyboad shortcut so you can move views easily. Don't forget, mousewheel scroll zooms in and out as well.
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