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  1. Good morning Jim!I am so glad that you're not angry about me.You make so many beautiful repaints. No man is without error!We are all just people. With your work you are preparing a lot of peoplegreat joy. Who does not forgive a small mistake?Thank you again very much for the work and your patience!With kind regards!Mandy BroschkThank You Jim!
  2. Thanks Jim!I will tomorrow make a trip to Madrid. (In the simulator, of course! )Have many thanks for your beautiful work!But now I have already found an error in the SAS.Look for the ID of the aircraft!Right side SE- , Left side LN- .Was that intentional or you could not decide? :wink:With kind regards!Mandy BroschkPS: I'm sorry that I always have to count every screw! :(
  3. Hi Jim!... And I am again. (With my annoying requests) :Whistle:The Iberia Livery has a small flaw.The logo on the tail on the right side is tilted forward.However, it should be tilted backwards.Do you want to change it again? Only if you have desire and time course.Thanks for your patience with me!Greetings!Mandy Broschk
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