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  1. Awesome ! Thank you very much. Really looking forward for this one, especially the PMDG/FDS compatibility.
  2. Can you please give me a link to the topic?
  3. No there are not enough sorry. Look at this : This is a desktop software that allows you to use the displays on other computers on the network. You can also use it on the same computer running FSX. I tried it myself and was amazed. Problem is it only displays primary flight data as NGX doesn't allow broadcasting. ​For example changing the efis settings on the ngx won't show up in the display. What I suggest is either PMDG tries to make connection betwen sim avionics displays and the NGX, or that they make a tool or something to put gauges outside FS.
  4. So then why not allowing the use for external display softwares such as prosim, project magenta or sim avionics. The smoothness is just awesome.
  5. Already did that, I set them to unlimited or whatever it's still the same. Have you ever been in a real cockpit? Look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm02l989PUw
  6. Hi, I already asked this question in another section but got no asnwer. Is there a way to improve the EFIS smoothness like a real aircraft/sim. I use multiple monitors for the PFD and ND, and i find the NGX gauges to be laggy. The ones on the PMDG 747 were smoother. I know NGX is more complex but can you do something about it? Or at least allow the use for simavionics displays? Thanks.​
  7. Try to press backspace, or zoom out...
  8. \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\redist\Interface. Inside each file, open retail then lib then install the Simconnect package. Do it for all the other files.
  9. Hi, I found that NGX displays are laggy compared to the real ones. In fact, on real displays, numbers transition and animation look more fluid : I tried to set the ​the cdu fps limited on unlimited but it seems like the displays are fps limited anyhow. I'm also using 2d gauges on a second monitor. Is there a way to get smoother displays, or to use any other external gauges with the NGX? OTHMANE SAFIR
  10. The aim of PMDG by releasing a so perfect and realistic addon is to teach you how to fly a real 737 not to invent procedures... Even if you don't have microbursts in FS...As Real As It Gets...
  11. VREF is not an APP speed but the speed at which you have to touch the runway. So considering the speed you loose on flare and the wind you have to add at least 5 kts to your VREF during approach. 5kts less is very dangerous, imagine if you have a micro burst.. Your aircraft will stall and crash
  12. No in real life i was in a lot of jumpseats and the pilots dont use their perf calculators for landing, they only set the vref value given by the approach page of the FMS. Normaly they land with flaps 30. But sometimes when they have a short runway or they have to vacate quickly and they are too heavy they use flaps 40. To make the FMC give you the most accurate VREF speed, you have to put accurate values for fuel and ZFW in the PERF page
  13. Only PMDG NGX with Latest patch!! dont forget to calculate carefully your Vref speed and you also have to put thrust on idle at 20ft AGL
  14. Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's normal you need alphachannels that come with the original paintkit files...
  16. Send a ticket to PMDG support and ask them what are the fonts you need to add in your windows version then download them ;)
  17. Why you guys are so selfishes? You already have a turkish airlines livery. So wait till they create new ones first and then they can provide you different models. We are still waiting for the Royal Air Maroc livery which is an important company
  18. Dear PMDG team, Can you please make a Royal Air Maroc livery? Moroccans love Boeing and RAM is a big 737NG operator. Regards
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