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  1. Hello , Sorry but I am confused now between Tweaks (NickN , Ryan-******* , Word Not Allowed,...), I am on 2600K@4.5Ghz /580GTX with Win7 64 and Nvidia latest 301.42 driver. Dear Ryan or other professional simmers , Could you please advice me: 1)BP=0 or RejectThreshold=131072 2)Shader 3.0 or not ? 3)What about Vsync? (I have 2 monitors and always on window mode and both are running on 60Hz) 4)External limiter (via inspector) or internal? Thanks a lot
  2. Dear Guimarães , Thanks for tests and results , My FSX PC is very close to yours (just mine has 580GTX) , I am thinking to SB upgrade, with these result it seems not worth!? isn't it? waiting to Ivy Bridge feedback?Regards
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