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  1. Friends, I installed the newest nvidia driver (378.72) but no progression. How to install 376.33 without automatic Windows 10's install of 376.53? Lucas
  2. Thanks for reply, Maybe another (cheaper) GPU would be enough with 4GB VRAM? What do you think? Ps. I have power supply XFX Pro 550W - will be enough for new GPU and the rest of my hardware? Lucas
  3. Hi, topic is nearly 2 years old, so let me allow to refresh it... I plan to change sim platform from FSX to XP. Now I have i5 2500K@4.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM and GTX660Ti 2GB 192-bit. I suppose that the GPU is a bottleneck of this config... and after quick reconnaissance I think about GTX 960 4GB. I can spent c.a. $150 for used card. What do you think? Is it worth to add a bit $ to GTX970? Of course I would like to fly with HDR + AA and Ortho4XP plus better then default airplanes... Ps. Is there in XP the same principle as in FSX that nVidia is better? Probably should I search Radeon market for XP...? Lucas
  4. I also observed VAS increase in PMDG NGX and 777 (I don't have 747). Yesterday I finished flight LOWW-EGLL (UK2000 free scenery) in 777 with 4GB VAS (probably 3 min. longer flight would finish OOM) Firstly I thought it is by new AS16/ASCA build, but this topic corrected me... I have nvidia 376.53 - anyone of you have/had this version and VAS issues?
  5. Hi Romain, yes, this option was set to NO position. I change it to YES and we'll see... Thank you, Lucas
  6. Hello, I have "FO PRESSED STD" option set to NO, but when I descend and pass TL, FO set altimeter to local QNH - is it possible to avoid it? FSX:SE. SOP1. Thank you, Lucas
  7. I forgot to report ... back to older version of vPilot helped.
  8. Can we rely on NGX will be equipped with DATA LINK, AUTO FORECAST UPLINK, and other features like 777? Lucas
  9. Guys, for now I uninstall vPilot and reinstall older version. We'll see...
  10. Thank you, Jim. Of course I can uninstall vPilot, but is there another VATSIM client compatible with FSX:SE? I'll try to install previous version 1.1.5638.40065... Kind Regards, Lucas
  11. Hello Luke, so what do you suggest to do...? I have an older version installer (1.1.5638.40065), so I can install it and check if problem still occurs...
  12. Hello Friends, I also experienced this problem: today in PMDG 777, but earlier in PMDG JS41. Before these two there was also similiar error (I don't remember in which aircraft) but I also suspected vPilot. So I reinstalled it, but it didn't help. I use MTL IVAO as an traffic and airlines presentation on VATSIM. Today's reports: a. from error window after crash: b. from GlobalExceptions.txt - file from vPilot installation folder: What can I do to resolve it? Lucas
  13. I believe, not...because when I said "set and checked", "set and checked", etc. while preflight checklist, finally next procedure appeared on the main panel <BEFORE START PROCEDURE> - so, FO heard me and responded me for each checklist point, but he was unhearable.
  14. "The audio test would could out of your main speakers." Hmm, I don't understand you... I did audio test for 2nd output and heard the voice in the headset. "Can you try again with a USB headset?" Yes, but I have to buy one
  15. Hi Bryan, I think if my headset were disconnected from computer, I could't hear 2nd output test voice in HD Audio Manager. I have mini-jack connection in my headset. Lucas
  16. Hi, sometimes I lost FO voice. Speech recognition works, because I see text I say on the green bar and FO do what I ask, but I don't hear him (for example while checklists). I run voice test on the FS2Crew panel but it was unhearable. I have set 2nd HD audio as an output for FO's voice (I have headset) but when I run voice test in the HD Audio Manager test voice was hearable. I also observed that vPilot ATC voice wasn't hearable too but I don't know if it has relation with this problem. I changed FO volume...increase and decrease - no results. Finally I reset Speech recognition by pressing VOICE button - didn't help. Run voice test in FS2Crew panel again - no results. Suddenly Speech recognition reset again itself and voice back (probably I pressed VOICE twice). What is possible reason of temporary voice lost? Lucas (FS2Crew 777 3.0)
  17. Hi, this effect looks great with wing view, but a little worse in external view: Is there a chance to improve it in the future? Lucas
  18. Hi, does the version of SST should be the same as driver version? I have driver version 7_0_47 and the SST 7_0_53 and have little problems with assignments...but I don't know if it is by version's conflict or something else... Lucas
  19. Sure, I can defrag hdd. I have open only these software I use while flying (vRoute, Active Sky, vPilot, one Word's document (.doc). Email client, web browser, other programs are always off). Occasionally, I use Vatsinator - this is a program which shows VATSIM traffic.
  20. Yes, I use headset and the mic is near to my mouth and around 1m from main speakers. My sound configuration is: a. main speakers - sounds of aircraft, environment, etc. (set not very loud) b. smaller speakers - sounds of VATSIM ATC and FS2Crew' FO (2nd output) -> in this configuration I don't have headset on my ears but on my neck although microphone is still near my mouth. c. when I fly at night and I want to be more quiet in my home, I turn smaller speakers off and headset is back on my ears. Anyway, yestarday there was no VATSIM ATC so there wasn't any additional voices. I'm not sure if this problem is related with sound configuration because in JS41 or PMDG777 there aren't similiar problems.
  21. Hi Bryan, I’m back with the "flaps" problem. Few days ago (better late then never :smile: ) I run Speech recognition again, but still have problem with “flaps …” communicate. Flaps one – ok. Flaps two – ok. Flaps five – and FO says: “flaps 5, flaps 1”. There was completely quiet around me, really. I would like to report few other things: a. after Approach Brief, FO said “Are you sure” 3 times, then “Check” 3 times and once more “Are you sure”. b. after landing, FO repeated “Check” word again and again. “Cancel last command” or “Okay to cleanup” sequences did not help. FO stopped it by itself after 1 or 2 min. CVR log attached: Kind Regards, Lucas
  22. Hello, I have similar problem... sometimes (not always) LNAV mode is going off. I don't press any other AP mode. Unfortunatelly I don't see any relations to other actions in cockpit. Fortunatelly, to "repair" it, I have to simply press LNAV again. I have FSX: Steam Edition and Windows 10 and of course the latest SP for 777. Lucas
  23. ...maybe just little update for Steam Edition compatibility :Praying:
  24. Hi Steve, are you going to fix it? With regards, Lucas
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