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  1. Draw distance is still a problem and needs to be fixed. It ruins x plane night flying experience when flying high.
  2. Hello everyone, dose x plane 11 has an easy way to connect and fly muliplayer and with cockpit sharing, especially IXEG 737 ?? I've tried to connect with a friend using an IP address but with no success, I think X plane 11 need to improve in that regards. Thanks. Evan.
  3. Great. looking for some solutions, and I agree that night lighting is one of the main reasons for many of us moving to X plane, and it needs to be fixed!!!
  4. PMDG Airbus, unless the plan changed. Evan B.
  5. x-plane 11

    I agree, 747 for X plane 11. X plane is moving in the right direction. I have both P3d and X plane, and at the moment I favor x plane in many ways. Evan B.
  6. Hello, I have Nvidia 680 GTX 4GB, and I'm planning on getting the new nvidia 1080 video card, Can I use a different monitors resolutions for FSX and P3D mixed together ? I have 30 inch monitor 2560x1600 and another (2) 23 inch 1080P monitors. Thanks Evan.
  7. Great pictures, Can't wait to fly this beauty. Also I hope PMDG will work to improve the functionality and the simulation compared to the older version. I know the old one is very good, but not perfect and It has room to improve. Looking forward for V2. Evan Banalian.
  8. Airbus.
  9. Good news, I feel like an Airbus is coming soon.
  10. I think NGX SP2 is a must, now if PMDG need to spend quite sometime to bring it, then it's ok to charge some reasonable fee for it, but It has to come at some point. I think more people will be disappointed in not having SP2 at all vs paying some fee to have it including my self. Evan
  11. I agree, and it should as it requires lots of work to stay oriented , and it easy to get things the wrong way. I had little time with it while doing my IFR rating and I don't think I will use use those VORs in real life the way I was trained especially IMC.
  12. I don't think any airline will be allowed to fly a non published DME arc.
  13. who said PMDG will start from scratch now.....maybe they have already started a few years ago.
  14. Very Nice, It would be great to see this with the NGX.
  15. For me 747v2