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  1. Thanks I will give it a go later today!!!
  2. Would that get rid f the default buildings also?
  3. I have T2G LFPG for P3DV4 the scenery works well but there are taxisigns in the wrong locations, sometimes in the middle of the taxiway itself. I checked for other AFCADS including ORBX and could not find any. I'm stumped on this one.
  4. Sorry to hear its such a beautiful scenery. I sent you a private message also....thanks.
  5. I recently tried to install Skysoft's ZJHK airport into P3dv4 and everything appears to be working just fine with one exception. After departing the airport and climbing to 1,500 AGL, the scenery starts to get covered in a grey shade. I know it wasn't made for P3d but everything else working fine hopefully its a minor fix. ORBX Global, Vector all landlclass, ActiveSky P3dv4 Envshade, Envtex & Rex Soft Clouds. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KL58w5AMdNTckGWQ62ZHj3gdX78Je0hw Thanks Arluster Turner
  6. Les1974


    I have the 200LR only. Thanks I will give that a shot. Oh will I lose my current navdata?
  7. Les1974


    Do I need to uninstall my 777 before I install the latest version? Or can I simply run over the top of the existing version?
  8. Sad to hear. I was hoping by changing the values I might of seen a more realistic behavior.
  9. I just realized that my max weight and empty weight values for virtually all of my AI planes are way too light. For instance, my Fruit Stand A330-300 has an empty weight value of only 103,170 pounds. Could this error be the reason AI planes seem to have such incredible stopping and takeoff power? I want to go in and change all the planes to the correct RW weights, but will changing the values cause any harm to their behavior? I just looked at the A380 and its empty weight is only 287,500lbs.
  10. Yeah its a fun approach I used to fly in and out of all the time. Oh well guess I'll pull out my old charts and plan my flight from Lima by hand, should be fun simulating an FMC failure, sort of.
  11. I cant the runways to show up in the FMC, just the airport.
  12. Clicked on the link but it took me to my dropbox but no Airac file.
  13. Thanks for the link. Yeah I added Kai Tak before so I how things could get messed up. Thanks again.
  14. It opened in FEB 2013 so any cycle before that should be good...thanks! Arluster Turner
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