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  1. lincrun

    Saitek X52 loss of control on landing

    Just a thought, but if you were using auto flight previously for say,an ILS acquisition, you need 2 clicks on the cancel switch to isolate the localiser. Maybe nothing in this case, but worth pointing out... Lin
  2. lincrun

    Tutorial Video - Tutorial 1

    Thanks Kyle. Excellent presentation. I won't be able to get the T7 for a while yet, but fascinated to see your tutorial on my next big (for me) purchase. BTW, your accent sounds fine to me - and I'm English. :im Not Worthy: :england-flag: :clapping:
  3. Congratulations guys! When can we expect an FSX version? Lin
  4. lincrun

    A Huge FPS Increase

    I think you may be many things, but a dummy is certainly not one of them. :Applause: Lin
  5. lincrun

    A Huge FPS Increase

    What a magnificent topic you created, Ian! My understatement of the day would be that my mind is boggling. There is much food for thought here and I offer humble thanks to all contributors, too many to mention, but especially to neumanix. Gonna be busy for a while, methinks. Lin