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  1. So I sit here day after day and read the same stuff over and over again about AI and atc and then I fire up the sim and load up at a gate with planes around me. Atc and myself going through the motions. Last night I flew from Tokyo to Incheon and I had to wait for a plane landing, which got off the runway and I went on my way. Traffic along the way and atc guiding me through my altitude changes. As I approached for landing I was told I’m number 1 and to watch traffic landing on the runway next to me. As I landed and exited the runway I was told to hold short for another landing aircraft. I finally pulled into the gate and AI and atc worked flawlessly for me. This has been my experience the majority of the times. Are they perfect, no but they are better than what you get in the other games. X-plane atc is literally useless and the AI relies heavily on 3rd party addons, same as p3d which atc is almost as horrible as x-planes, putting me on 100 mile finals… yeah sure, I’d like to see real airlines and planes flying around but as a real pilot, I get the immersion feel a lot more from this sim than what others consider to be superior.
  2. Where in France, I’d like to try this. I flew around Paris several times and didn’t see any.
  3. Actually, if they’re ironing out a bug or an updating something in one area, there’s no way to see everything. I never ran into spikes when everyone was complaining about spikes. So while I’m not saying it wasn’t there, it wasn’t where I was flying. Not one. I use msfs very seriously and don’t play like it’s a game.
  4. One thing I noticed, from time to time, rarely the sim resets my settings. And it defaults it to low. I wonder how many people don’t notice this. I’ve been swimming since 1994 and I’m not a novice. Every time a new sim or a sim updates I put it through the same ringer, JFK to ORD. Real world weather, next, jfk to lhr. If these commercial flights work, I go on to the small aircrafts and VFR flying. I do ils, visual, rnav, vor approaches. I always try to use atc. X-plane hands down has the worst atc. Fsx and p3d was so bad, I would always be told to contact tower as I’m on a 100 mile final. With msfs, having set up the flight plan with sim brief and then making the changes on the world map the atc has given me a far better experience. Even with vfr flying, though basic isn’t as buggy as I thought it would be. X-plane doesn’t even do vfr atc. The weather and flight dynamics are very good. Not talking about aircraft dynamics with defaults because they’ve never been something great. I’m talking about how the environment affects the airplane and this is exceptional.
  5. I spend a lot of time in the sim and I put every sim through hell. Fsx at first was horrible, p3d performance wise stabilized after a while but I never saw any real progress after spending money on 5 versions I feel the fool and will never endorse it for home use. X-plane really was a great step after fsx but even that has kind of stalled out and after flying msfs, I can’t go back. Even with the Zibo and other aircrafts. What we have in msfs, is leaps and bounds better. I really don’t know what’s causing people to have so many issues with performance but I do feel bad people can’t enjoy the sim I’m enjoying daily.
  6. I can counter this with my experience with 10 hrs of flying sim update 3 no halo no mesh spikes i don’t have a lot of pay ware airports so no comment. AP worked fine for all my flights mods need to update their own product, pmdg broke several times after p3d update and it needed to update so this is normal. Same with x-plane. A320nx worked fine for me last night. I saw no impact of LOD. atc is by far the best from all sims. Not great but is by far better than the word not allowed from the other platforms. I had plenty of ai flying around. So is it the sim? Have you checked your settings? Seems weird that I have the same but none of your issues.
  7. Every game I ever played had stutters. X-plane was the smoothest but even that wasn’t free. I’ve had less with MSFS than I have had with fsx and P3D. I’ve completed many flights with the A32NX and default 747 and 787 without issue. I see all these complaints and I just don’t see the many issues that others see. For me it’s very stable and updating is a breeze. I also don’t remove my community folder. My system is less than special, it’s 1050ti and an older cpu. I get 20-25 FPS around NYC, occasional stutter but p3d gives me hell and it doesn’t look good.
  8. I’ve had 0 issues. No LOD issues. Nothing, runs smooth.
  9. I’ve been using flight sims since 1994. This is leaps and bounds better than what we have. I mean, let’s look at what we have and had. P3Ds flight model isn’t very good at all, in fact very linear. What P3D has is the high fidelity aircraft that were mostly ported over from fsx. Aircraft that took 5-10 years to creat for fsx. Remember the fslabs A320, that wasn’t released that long ago... I’m not hating on P3D but I quit after 4.5 because it was fsx 2.0. X-plane is refreshing but even that has its limits. What we have in the new sim is a very impressive new base sim. I haven’t seen spikes on my flights, I haven’t had crashes or anything crazy. I don’t have a top of the line system. The weather engine, even if not 100% accurate, is better than what the other sims have even with 3rd party programs. Flight sim isn’t perfect, none of them are. Enjoy the sims that give you joy and pleasure. For me it’s the new sim, I uninstalled p3d. I still have x-plane but I haven’t used it in a while. P3D hasn’t been perfect, and in some cases takes months to update issues. Maybe that’s a better method, maybe not. We get new content every so often. This new sim updates Nav data, never been done in base. I say enjoy the sims that bring you joy.
  10. This has surpassed expectations. When I look at a new sim, it has to at base level be better as a base than what we have. Create a base that 3rd party developers can take their products and create something even better if that’s your thing. Im usually not one to buy a lot of addons but in the past I’ve had to shell out for better weather, better ai better everything. My expectations were low as far as performance goes because I have a mid range system. However the sim runs smooth on medium-high settings and it looks great. No doubt there the best looking sim out of the box. The weather for me has been great, I always hated previous sims using strictly metal data and forcing updates that rip realism out the window. REX and activesky both had this issue in past sims. Metar only weather is a bad way to do weather, I like that they use a forecast model to depict weather in between metars. As a real world pilot, I can’t begin to stress how important it was for a weather engine to get away from strictly metar. AI right now with the FlightAware system seems adequate, minus of course liveries not matching but it hasn’t broken my realism much. And I haven’t had an issue with lack of ai either. The flight model is pretty spot on as well, once configuring my yoke and peddals, the way the aircraft behave in their environment is nicely done, not perfect but I don’t expect it. It’s close to X-plane. FSX and P3D don’t fee close to real world at all. As for the aircraft themselves, the GA planes, the single engine ones feel good, fly good. Having done VFR and IFR flying in the sim with these aircrafts has been a pleasure. The big boys leave some to be desired. The mods help correct some of that but I never expected high caliber default aircraft. In time we will get them from other developers but I’ve flown point a to b in all 3 commercial airliners and they’ve flown without much hitch for me. overal, what they promised is what I feel I’ve gotten with some bugs from time to time but this is better out of the box than any previous sim.
  11. I know they said they will have a weather fix coming up in the next update. I haven’t seen any serious real weather issues, mine have loaded up fairly accurately except for the winds above the surface. Also the live weather isn’t live, I think meteoblue is 45 mins behind in their weather, even their online site seems to be off by a bit.
  12. I personally would like something new. I hope this is a new engine. 3rd party developers can take advantage of new technology to make new products. If Microsoft has a default weather engine that surpasses what’s on the market now then great, if there is room for improvement then someone will step in. Everyone is stuck in the whole fsx/p3d era because it’s been the same sim for 13 years. That has never happened. Back in the day products were released every 2 years. I switched to x-plane because I wanted something different from fsx/p3d and some 3rd party developers started price gouging.
  13. So here’s my take on the state of sims. As a real world pilot I enjoy our choices of flight sims. Personally I liked the general direction dtg was going but I’m not crying they ended it. I flew the pmdg 737 in p3d the other day and the next day I flew the zibo mod 737 in x-plane 11 for my return. Both wonderful experiences but what hit me was that I felt p3d was nostalgic. Maybe it’s because I use x-plane 11 more or maybe that on this day, in 2018, p3d still feels like fsx and to me, it’s outdated and run down. No matter how many addons I have on there. Its time for a new engine, I don’t see myself buying another ESP product. I was actually going to hold off on p3d v4 but a lot of close friends hyped it and honestly it was just the same for me. Same old fsx. Still enjoyable but I’m ready for a fresh new look, I have my opinions on what should be included in the sim and it’s not the most popular so I keep it to myself but we are still in exciting times.
  14. No doubt it has problems but it’s the best we have in x-plane right now, I don’t have the stutter issue though and the abrupt weather changes are much less than default, it kind of reminds me of the activesky 2012 days.
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