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    The State of Flight Simming

    So here’s my take on the state of sims. As a real world pilot I enjoy our choices of flight sims. Personally I liked the general direction dtg was going but I’m not crying they ended it. I flew the pmdg 737 in p3d the other day and the next day I flew the zibo mod 737 in x-plane 11 for my return. Both wonderful experiences but what hit me was that I felt p3d was nostalgic. Maybe it’s because I use x-plane 11 more or maybe that on this day, in 2018, p3d still feels like fsx and to me, it’s outdated and run down. No matter how many addons I have on there. Its time for a new engine, I don’t see myself buying another ESP product. I was actually going to hold off on p3d v4 but a lot of close friends hyped it and honestly it was just the same for me. Same old fsx. Still enjoyable but I’m ready for a fresh new look, I have my opinions on what should be included in the sim and it’s not the most popular so I keep it to myself but we are still in exciting times.
  2. No doubt it has problems but it’s the best we have in x-plane right now, I don’t have the stutter issue though and the abrupt weather changes are much less than default, it kind of reminds me of the activesky 2012 days.
  3. Before activesky next, there wasn’t s weather engine in fsx/p3d that could smooth out weather either. Actually when I switched to x-plane in 2010 it was because the weather was better represented in x-plane than in fsx and later p3d. Flying over the Atlantic was terrible with the previous weather engines with constant wind shifts that lead to crash after crash or sim freeze up. Of course, it is with my opinion that active sky next and their recent release are the best in the business, x-enviro does a pretty good job of injecting weather into x-plane and fairly smoothly. I would like like an activesky product in x-plane but x-enviro satisfies my needs, and as a real world pilot, I don’t see it as a big problem or a bad product. A lot of people talking about updrafts, microbursts and thunderstorm representation and the lack there of in x-plane, and having had thunderstorms blow up around me I real life with little to no impact, at times I feel the flight sim community is looking more for a little drama in their flights than actual representation of wind interaction with the airplane or actually worrying about whether your actions will lead to freezing wing and engines, which the weather engines for fsx/p3d don’t model well at all.
  4. Can't wait to sit in this thing in VR. All I gotta say.
  5. I call BS on everything. My opinion, only thing keeping people away from x-plane is pmdg and orbx. ATC is deplorable in fsx/p3d... same problems, leaves me on a 100 mile final, forgets me, doesn't let me takeoff because 60 aircraft are landing. At least you don't even have decent 3rd party action other than allowing for real AI but atc sucks. Weather, again p3d doesn't even have a built in real weather engine, it requires a 3rd party developer. I know xEnviro has its cons and critics, but I've had times flying with it, unbeatable by any other developer including hifi, grant it there are things missing but it's not as serious as some people make it out to be. Seasons- garbage in fsx and p3d, living in Nyc, I see snow coverage maybe 3 weeks out of the winter, in the sims, 4 straight months. I hate that. I hope that LR can figure out a way to develop a real season. But giving that as an excuse is simply bs. Scenery, with Ortho and w2xp overlay, nothing currently in fsx or p3d comes close to looking like all 5 Boros and the surrounding counties. I use to think as a real world pilot, that fsx and p3d was the be all end all. Then I had 1 really fantastic flight in x-plane 10 with the flight factor 777, can never replicate that feeling in p3d. Reading forums and people bickering back and forth and putting out stuff like lack of AI, atc, weather, seasons, aircraft, scenery, I sat down and reevaluated both sims. The above answers what I found with regards to atc and AI. Most people say they fly online for p3d, you can do that with x-plane. Weather, can be better in x-plane and may have a nudge in p3d but only do to active sky, again I've had better immersions with xEnviro in some cases. Scenery, a lot of good scenery out there and I never have an issue with this but people are sold on orbx. So so I narrowed it down to aircraft, the one thing that people keep bringing up, is pmdg level aircraft, whatever that exactly means because even their aircraft have short cuts and none are truly study level. There are really good aircraft in x-plane and p3d not developed by pmdg, but I believe that until pmdg gives its blessings on x-plane, p3d will be people's choice. Quite frankly, I've been flying in vr lately, and p3d looks way to cartoonish and early 2000s. I am more immersed in x-plane 11. This concludes my thought, I know it's a controversial opinion but it's my honest thought about it. I don't hate p3d, I own in, I fire it up sometimes but turn it off almost instantly when my pmdg 737 looks and feels, I don't know, off. Same with the pmdg 777. Which both are great aircraft but they can't convince me that p3d is better.
  6. petabread

    Queen in VR

    How do you guys handle the problem of the 2 crosshairs?
  7. Orbx is garbage. I got so tired of their "offerings" FTX global can keep with ESP. Their local airports are nice but they're not the holy grail of scenery. Honestly don't care who caused what, I wouldn't have bought anything from orbx for x-plane.
  8. Everyone is going to have an opinion but there are also absolutes that the community is faced with but not told. I switched from FSX to X-plane 10 in 2011 because I was frustrated with fsx weather, atc and AI. Before Active sky next, no weather engine was good enough, they all caused some sort of crash, stutter, pause, massive wind change. ATC was terrible, putting me on a 100 mile final more than 60% of the time. AI, being in a line of 8 aircraft is awesome, except when you get stuck at an airport because the arriving aircraft is stuck half way off the runway because of an aircraft blocking the taxiway and now no one is going anywhere and you have to ride the grass and takeoff without permission. I never like P3D because I felt like there weren't enough differences from fsx. Also pmdg decided to charge for their products and that just turned me off completely. The aircraft and environment in x-plane far exceed what I ever had and get in fsx/p3d. Now onto the new sims, quite frank, seeing the videos of p3d v4 show me nothing of interest. It's 64bit fsx with a few lighting changes... The night lighting is nothing to write home about, just going on video alone, it doesn't look good, the day looks like p3dv3. I will not purchase. FSW has my attention but not holding my breath. Onto the subject of the flight sim community and 3rd party development. It's no doubt that pmdg, activesky, so forth and so one prefer p3d because it is very identical to fsx. The community as a whole, holding on for dear life for p3d not because it has a vastly better atc or AI than x-plane but rather that Pmdg and active sky and so forth are not part of x-plane. PMDG says that they were experimenting with x-plane by putting out the dc-6 and they were going to move from there. But don't let that fool anyone, if they were really committed to x-plane, their first choice wouldn't have been the dc-6. Evidence? Was the dc-6 their first aircraft of choice for fs9 or fsx? Active sky is one of the if not the best weather engine to date for any platform but I get better immersion with x-enviro more often than not. Perfect? No; but it's good enough for now. So where do I stand and what do I think about the flight sim community? Seems pretty grim but truth is whatever you like you like. I'm not going to stop you or call you and idiot for liking p3d or fsw or x-plane. We have sims for everyone. Now this is what I'd like to see happen, I would like to see a new flight sim, that sets the bar, one where you don't need active sky, one that doesn't require pmdg to develop top notch aircraft. Where atc and AI are smooth. My final thought is this, x-plane 11 is my sim and I get everything I want minus atc but I didn't get a satisfactory one in fsx and p3d anyway.
  9. petabread

    Pmdg dc6

    Correct. I would imagine they will release an update at some point but you will have to wait till after p3d v4 and all the new bugs introduced. Maybe by late 2018/2019. My guess is they don't really want to support x-plane 11. PMDG is an ESP company.
  10. That's what REX said about x-plane 10 when it was released. Still waiting...
  11. petabread

    Flight Sim World is Now Live!

    Wait, why do people keep saying it looks like FSX? So does P3D, actually they are pretty much the same... Early access and people expected a big free and complete sim AFTER everyone was told what to expect with release and any other. Your choice to pay or not if you had flight school.
  12. First off, let me start with a quick background, I have been using Microsofts flight simulator since windows 95. I was die hard MSFS until 2010. What happened? I got frustrated with all the weather engines available for fsx until active sky next came out. I was tired of flying across the Atlantic to either have my sim crash or my aircraft crash due to wind changes. I decided to give x-plane 10 a chance and the smoothness and the ability to use the flightfactor 777 across the Atlantic was a delight. P3D was and is not in running for me as a successor because it's too much fsx, even though it's stable and smooth it just feels horrible now. Now with X-Plane 11, the look of the world, the overal feel of a flight and being able to complete flights and basically go point to point with ease has got me jumping for joy again. I don't really want this to be an fsx vs p3d vs x-plane thread but rather my 2 cents. I completed a flight between Athens and JFK and it reminded me of all those wonderful times in fs2004 that I could never recreate in fsx or p3d, but to a higher level of realism.
  13. petabread

    General x-plane thought

    When I first started going over to x-plane 10 and using Ortho photos for NYC coupled with the default autogen, osm data for roads and 3rd party manhattan sceneries, I knew right there and then I can get a more realistic world than I can with orbx. Not putting them down but they never appealed to me so I never really bought a ton of their stuff. X-plane 11 is more crisp in this regard, my frames into JFK the other day after a flight from Athens was great, no stutters, I felt once again immersed in the world.
  14. petabread

    General x-plane thought

    Regardless of what platform you are using, what are some of your most memorable moments that keep you flying? I had one the other day while I was descending through a broken cloud layer and remember the lighting was just spot on, for a moment I forgot I was at home on a computer. Certainly inspired me to keep going!
  15. petabread

    General x-plane thought

    i have all of them on my pc as well, I don't hate any of them, it's just that with a certain amount of time for flying I have to choose one and the one that gets my attention 99% of the time is x-plane 11. I couldn't bring myself to repurchase items for p3d that I have in fsx.
  16. petabread

    General x-plane thought

    I didn't invest in p3d, I think the biggest turn off for me was having to re purchase the pmdg aircraft. Leaving fsx was easy after that. Funny, because of my better half I decided it wasn't wise to spent more money on an aircraft I already have on an fsx upgrade.
  17. For me none of the active sky products were ever good until active sky next and in my opinion the fsrealwx and even the efass ultrawx provide an excellent source of weather for now. As far as xpx and givin it a try, I hated the demo, it didn't provide enough time to really help make my decision so I just took a chance. While it lacks ATC and an active sky next type weather engine, I use it for all types of flights and honestly for me, and this is an opinion, the sim heaven sceneries and world2xplane has made my NYC and several cities look 100x better than fsx which was important. The final straw for me, I was doing a flight from Orlando to Las Vegas with the Pmdg 737, and on approach it just quit no warning no nothing and I was reminded how unstable fsx is. Switched to x-plane and never looked back again.