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  1. Installed perfectly fine on my system. But, don't see traffic. Weird.
  2. Hey all, Did some testing to solve the right rudder problem. Left rudder is perfectly fine but right does not work. I installed any FsDreamteam product and lost the right rudder key ( enter on the num pad). There must be some conflict with the FsDreamteam software and the new Prepared version 4.2. Hope this helps
  3. I did a full uninstall/install of p3d and add on's. It seems like it fixed the rudder problem but, when I installed all of Fsdreamteam airports and gsx I lost the right rudder key. Soo it might be from Fsdreamteam.
  4. This is very strange left/right rudder worked fine after fresh install. I installed all of Fsdreamteam products and now my right rudder does not work.
  5. I had this same issue a total uninstall/install of p3d and add on's fixed it for me.
  6. Update. I uninstalled FsGlobal Next Generation and all elevation problems disappeared.
  7. Yep. Vector tool doesn't seem to fix it. I don't know if it is Vector or FsGlobal NG causing it? I had the same problem with Fsdreamteam Dallas.
  8. Jeez. Im having alot of elevation issues at almost every airport. I have Vector and Fsglobal NG installed also.
  9. That is what it look's like. I had a issue installing LFPG manually add scenery and texture folders but did not work.
  10. The PA-44 Seminole has a VC problem doesn't render correctly. Looks like it's not 100% compatible with V4 yet.
  11. What if i use AIG and Ai flight planner will i benefit?
  12. I just updated p3d and fsuipc and still having this issue. I also calibrated the joystick in p3d. any thing else i should try?
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