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  1. That moment when you remember it's May and not March. I forgot it's not winter anymore.
  2. Steam normally changes their daily specials at 1000 PST or 1300 EST. This is equivalent to 1800 BST. (BST is equivalent to UTC, GMT, or Zulu time (if any of you are pilots)) So it makes sense that they release new products at the same time. Otherwise it would become a giant hassle to release games at different times of the day.
  3. "I don't know how to turn this thing off". Isn't it simply just move the throttle to idle (or by checklist), check the magnetos, turn mixture to idle cut-off, turn off magnetos, and turn off master switch? (master doesn't work, but still)
  4. MS Flight was really only a failure because of their marketing scheme. You can't just go out and give out parts of the world at relatively high prices, then go out giving aircraft without cockpits for relatively high prices as well. Really if all we wanted to do was get into a plane and fly, MS Flight would suit our needs because it gives the best all round experience. All you need to do is add in DTG Flight School's lessons located at airports in Hawaii or Alaska and you're set to go. You also have a wider range of aircraft than DTG Flight School. I'm taking a wild guess, but if MS Flight had provided the whole world at the same detail as Hawaii and Alaska before its "death" (You can fly in the whole world now because of a great community), DTG might've bought it instead. In terms of today's Flight School, I'm not going to say anything because it's unfair to judge a book by its cover, given alpha footage gameplay or not. All I'm saying is that they've done a wonderful job for first time flight simulator programmers, albeit with a little help.
  5. What a fun ride! It was more icing than lack of fuel (lack of handling), but it was nice seeing him almost be able to land that thing with little to no experience in that condition. :smile: Everything so far I've seen about the modeling and handling is good. It's just the outside environment that needs a lot of coarse and fine tuning. All the people who've released videos and screenshots are using Preview Alpha Build. Give them time, it's not even in Beta yet.
  6. Surprised the aircraft didn't break apart. Exceeded VNE and had quick movements of the flight controls while still past VNO.
  7. The purpose of Flight School is to teach people to fly. What I would expect DTG to be focusing on are flight dynamics, instruction, and possibly airports themselves. You cannot tell if they are fulfilling that goal by watching the video itself. Once they are done with those three major aspects of the Flight School, you can expect them to start fooling around with the weather, shadows, other scenery, AI, etc. This is what I hope they are doing right now after pushing the release date back nearly a full month. The video doesn't look that bad, but according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (may be different for others), you should not be descending until established on base, while normal circuit height is 1000' Above Ground Level. I'm not expecting them to fix it because it is probably different in other countries, where you may be allowed to descend on downwind. As for DTG Flight Simulator, I am going to keep an open eye out until at least a month before release before I make any decisions or opinions on how it looks.
  8. That's funny, it didn't work for me... 6 months ago. Why is it working now?
  9. I don't think you can do that with the toolkit. If I remember correctly, the toolkit is mostly used for adding or editing paint schemes or other objects.
  10. I would like to help test if possible. I know that I'm a little young to be asking for this, but right now, I such an easy first half of the year, and I want to get myself drunk with things other than air cadets, and tutoring. I took coop, and it's in the first half of the year for me. I found out that I learn pretty quickly.
  11. Any progress with the 3rd Party Addons? I know you're trying your best. I'm just trying to be patient. I know it's hard.
  12. Anything is possible. You just need to time, effort, and resources. The enthusiasm here is making my dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer very difficult, as I also just want to become a video game developer, and maybe create a new Flight Sim from scratch. This is in a good way. I have so many career options to choose anyway. I can go into any engineering industry, a computer science industry, an aviation industry, and an accounting industry. I think this just gives me more courage just to try harder, though all the major courses I have to take are all starting in February.
  13. I request a pinned thread. This is amazing! Cockpit panelling could used some polish though.
  14. @LuisFelizTirado What is Ctrl-Z? I know Ctrl-Y is redo, Ctrl-X is cut, Ctrl-C is copy, Ctrl-V is paste, Ctrl-E is Center Align, Ctrl-Click is selecting things one at a time, and Ctrl-H is view browser history. But I can't figure out what Ctrl-Z is! HELP! Oh wait.. I just figured it out. It's Undo! I take full responsibility if I offended anyone by what I said. It is meant to be a joke.
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