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  1. That's funny, it didn't work for me... 6 months ago. Why is it working now?
  2. I don't think you can do that with the toolkit. If I remember correctly, the toolkit is mostly used for adding or editing paint schemes or other objects.
  3. I would like to help test if possible. I know that I'm a little young to be asking for this, but right now, I such an easy first half of the year, and I want to get myself drunk with things other than air cadets, and tutoring. I took coop, and it's in the first half of the year for me. I found out that I learn pretty quickly.
  4. Any progress with the 3rd Party Addons? I know you're trying your best. I'm just trying to be patient. I know it's hard.
  5. Anything is possible. You just need to time, effort, and resources. The enthusiasm here is making my dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer very difficult, as I also just want to become a video game developer, and maybe create a new Flight Sim from scratch. This is in a good way. I have so many career options to choose anyway. I can go into any engineering industry, a computer science industry, an aviation industry, and an accounting industry. I think this just gives me more courage just to try harder, though all the major courses I have to take are all starting in February.
  6. I request a pinned thread. This is amazing! Cockpit panelling could used some polish though.
  7. @LuisFelizTirado What is Ctrl-Z? I know Ctrl-Y is redo, Ctrl-X is cut, Ctrl-C is copy, Ctrl-V is paste, Ctrl-E is Center Align, Ctrl-Click is selecting things one at a time, and Ctrl-H is view browser history. But I can't figure out what Ctrl-Z is! HELP! Oh wait.. I just figured it out. It's Undo! I take full responsibility if I offended anyone by what I said. It is meant to be a joke.
  8. @@avphoto Welcome to Avsim! However, the link doesn't work for me. I wonder what that has to do.
  9. How about we make a tutorial on how to repaint in Flight? Once we have everything we need to know though. Rather have a full tutorial than a half finished one.
  10. I know. That's exactly why I said try. I'd try myself, but I'm a horrible painter. Art is my second worst subject. English is my first (only because I cannot seem to analyze well).
  11. Please post here for support or questions on the Flight Toolkit. You may also contact support at the email: flighttoolkit+support@gmail.com You may also contact for general inquiries at the email: flighttoolkit@gmail.com For all updates and news on the Flight Toolkit, you may find it in the Flight forums or on the toolkit website at: http://flighttoolkit.com/ Rick requested it, so I decided to start it up. Reminder that the Flight Livery Hanger is for others to show off they're new liveries, or liveries they are currently working on. Please do not post problems there as there is now a topic dedicated to support.
  12. I hope that wasn't photoshoped, cause that is the second most hilarious picture I have ever seen... other than a Husky photobomb I saw earlier this year. And no I will not show the picture, because it goes off topic. About the livery ratings, I think we can up the post. If you like the rating, then vote up the post. It's a great idea, and I hope it gets integrated, but for now, I guess we can use the suggested method.
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